NFL Fantasy 2018



Hate it when you go to bed thinking you’ve got it in the bag then wake up to find they’re beating you.


Chin someone on the first drive please, Phil.


Big fan of the exact zero that Tannehill has contributed. Extremely high tariff difficulty to exactly match your yardage points against your turnover points. Kudos.


He was going to be a decent stream, they said…

Yep, that is quite an achievement. In one of my other lead I destroyed my opponent even with having OJ Howard lay an egg (though that’s easier to do than a QB)


battle of the shitehouses - kareem hunt v tyreek hill in dis div 2 tonight:


It’s cool to have Tyler Eifert in two leagues, especially after that what-could-have-been first half touchdown.

He is the Unlucky Alf of the NFL.

edit: I pressed the wrong button, sorry bmr


A trade! A veritable trade in DiS 1!


I say veto it


Looking forward to keenan suddenly becoming a red zone monster again.


I am, of course, playing him this week in another league, so that’ll be double edged.

Was kinda surprised to receive the offer, but I guess Howard (trade was Keenan Allen for Jordan Howard just in case its not obvious) has played his bye, and RBs are tough to come by? Not sure what his usage will be like going forward, but I do think he’ll have a lot more successful days, and more goal-line rushes.

But I did it because I love Keenan. And if Howard does well, that’s good for the bears anyway.


Got serious rb issues (fournette, drake, breida…), but relatively stacked at wr. Didnt want to lose allen but something had to give.


My div 1 team is so, so bad. Really got out of control, I’ve got Miller and Ekeler as my RB 1 & 2 this week. My unbroken run in the top division is looking highly shaky.


This is upsetting.


holy shit my Broncos D scored me 32 last night!


Quiet in here.

Four out of my five fantasy nfl teams will make the playoffs :sunglasses:

I won’t be back with an update if they all get dumped out after Round 1.

How’s it looking for everyone else?


I’ve had a bad run in Div 1 with 3 loses in a row (6 and 7 now) but will win this GW. Sadly I’ve dropped out of playoff contention into mid-table obscurity, which is a shame because I’ve put up a lot of points and just been a bit unlucky with matchups. Looking back I’ve lost the GW with scores of, 102,103,106,106



Was going along nicely in our ESPN league, then Hunt got suspended ad Gordon got hurt, and it’s done for my playoff hopes.

Div 1 was a disaster from the off. Had to draft from the car, which didn’t work well. Lost devonta freeman early, went with undervalued WRs like Jeffery and Baldwin who turned out to have been overvalued, and a fantasy sure thing in Brady who wasn’t. All the free agent pickups were the ones who didn’t pan out, rather than your Mahomes/Conner types. All in all: last, and my worst ever fantasy team. Incidentally, div 1 will need a new commissioner next year.

Keeper: Gronk has underwhelmed and Dalvin Cook has been a bust, Hogan in the fourth was stupid, but Gurley and Sanders have kept me afloat. Drafted Mahomes, but dropped him before the first game… Midtable.

My mates league- I’m going to top the regular season standings, so there’s at least something to salvage.


Last in Div 2 and DIS Keeper, got a 1st round by in my friends & family one :man_shrugging:t2:


Hovering dangerously close to the relegation zone in Div 1.

Need 22 points from Russell Wilson tonight to stay in play-off contention in my other league…


only done one league this year - DiS Div 2.

considering mine was autodrawn whilst I was on a plane, I’ve done okay. it’ll be 7-7 after this gameweek.

Saquon fuckin’ Barkley. what a stud.