NFL Fantasy 2019

Time to start thinking about studs, duds, sleepers and keepers everyone. The NFL season is less than 50 days away.

First things first, everyone sign up for your respective leagues. Relegated from Div 1 last year were @dstean’s Jimmy Wang Yang, @hip_young_gunslinger’s Wapping Dockers, and tragically my brave, brave, fucking shit McAdoos.

Because I got relegated we will need a NEW COMMISSIONER for Div 1. Anyone interested should indicate below.

@spit-fire is the current keeper commissioner, and just for reference I am IN.

@mildmanneredjanitor is the Div 2 commissioner currently. I am IN, please add me when it’s ready to go.

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Here is last year’s thread for reference

Maybe I’ll update the hall of fame when I get in to work.

Pretty sure my list of Keeper participants on my home PC.
Feel free to confirm here or via the fantasy mail functionality if you are in.
If you can give your team name too please, that will make it easier.
I’ll set up a doodle soon for the draft and post the link here and again in the fantasy mail client.

Also, a reminder to get those keepers set!

I’m in for div 1 and keeper. Who got promoted from div 2?

I’m in for Keeper and the demotion to Div 2

Here’s the Hall of Fame.

I’m also just going to @ everyone who has played/is playing that I can think of (who hasn’t already posted or been @ed already), just to get things moving.


I think I’m out. Going to stick to one nfl fantasy team this year

Maybe for div 2 if you can’t get the numbers. Should have enough time for one team this year.



I’ve asked Henrik about his teams (danish dynamite in keeper, dunno the name but he had one in div 2, dunno if he got promoted)

I admire your restraint. I will have at least 5 if they all get off the ground.


Started to feel like having too many detracted from enjoying the actual game, like when you’re hoping your QB has a monster game whilst getting sacked to absolute pieces because he’s playing against your defense.

Yep I’m in.

I’m in - Geoje Seagulls in Keeper, and Space Beast (promoted to Div 1 I think)

I’m in - Waiting for Goedert in div 2 (think I might be promoted depending on how many went up this year)

I tried to cut back to 2 last year, but there were no takers for the DiS team. Got more time this year, but I think 2 is the sweet spot for me. See how it goes this time around.

One of these, one on sleeper for me.

That’s plenty.

In a slight twist on the usual ‘how do I see last year’s draft’ request (“Go to league — history — click on 2017 season — draft results”) - how can I see who I kept last year from the previous year?

And just to double check:

  • if you’re keeping a player for the first time, he has his draft round from the previous year; otherwise he rises 1 round each year (so if you’d drafted Antonio Brown in the 6th round in 2015, he would be a 6th rounder in 2016, 5th rounder in 2017, 4th rounder in 2018, and a 3rd rounder this year)?
  • if a player is drafted but then dropped, and then picked up by someone from the waiver wire, he counts as the round he was originally drafted in?

Once you know who’s moving where, you need to kick out the owners of the promoted teams (via Edit team owners) and invite the relegated owners to take their place. You’ll need their email addresses, I’ll send you mine.

Our new Div 1 commissioner, when s/he is appointed, will have to do the same. I can’t boot myself out.