NFL Fantasy 2019

yeah, seems most likely. Was very excited when I saw he was available…

Yeah it was this. The owner had a brain melt late at night and put the wrong player in for a waiver request, then panicked the next day when it went through. Seemed to be a really obvious mess up, so I just undid it as best I could (I had a waiver request in for woods before the owner got in touch as well!)


Same but with OJ Howard. No targets! I assumed he’d been inactivated after I went to bed :cold_sweat:

OJ Howard now appears to be the world’s most expensive blocking tight end.

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32 points for the New England Defense this week, as it stands

I was thinking this last night. There are two people in my league who just always win, I don’t know why, they don’t know more than me, they don’t draft with some magic strategy…nothing. Fuck that shit.

My plan of dominating my league with a 2 QB strategy of Ben Roethlisberger and Sam Darnold has worked a fucking treat, I tell you.


In your face, pointless fantasy algorithm, already beaten my keeper league projection. 1-1 baby!


Div 1 - does anyone want to trade for Mark Andrews? I could do with WR/RB help and I have Kittle. Could play two TEs but most weeks he’s riding the pine. WB Pigeons if anyone is interested.

Only four weeks into the season and I’ve already got two fantasy trolls, Ridley and Woods. Pick them and they do nothing, bench them and they go off.

I have tempted the wrath of the fantasy gods by starting D.J Chark this week. His hot streak ends here

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Not sure how I feel about this commentary, though

Anti-bantsed that to perfection

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Not sure who that trade offer was from and it didn’t let me reject and comment. Needless to say I thought it was a bad deal for me!

Chill out, Donald

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Definitely the right call to drop Mayfield for this gameweek, -2 points on 8/22 with two interceptions, a fumble, and 100 total yards.


oof. Don’t think I’ve ever spotted a starting QB on negative points before…


The Patriots D now has 123 points on the year. Mahomes has 123.3, albeit a game behind. Do you ever wonder why we bother with this stupid game?

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Not having Defence or Kickers in our Sleeper league is a massive improvement I reckon.


It’s absolutely not! Streaming defenses is one of the best parts of the game.