NFL Fantasy 2019

yeah, seems most likely. Was very excited when I saw he was available…

Yeah it was this. The owner had a brain melt late at night and put the wrong player in for a waiver request, then panicked the next day when it went through. Seemed to be a really obvious mess up, so I just undid it as best I could (I had a waiver request in for woods before the owner got in touch as well!)


Same but with OJ Howard. No targets! I assumed he’d been inactivated after I went to bed :cold_sweat:

OJ Howard now appears to be the world’s most expensive blocking tight end.

32 points for the New England Defense this week, as it stands

I was thinking this last night. There are two people in my league who just always win, I don’t know why, they don’t know more than me, they don’t draft with some magic strategy…nothing. Fuck that shit.

My plan of dominating my league with a 2 QB strategy of Ben Roethlisberger and Sam Darnold has worked a fucking treat, I tell you.


In your face, pointless fantasy algorithm, already beaten my keeper league projection. 1-1 baby!