NFL Fantasy 2020

I feel silly for being at all excited about football coming back

both my keeper and regular teams lost, and the Falcons effectively got blown out

hurray disappointment!

Something warm and comforting about watching the Falcons put up a mountain of fantasy points in a blowout loss though. Nature is healing.

Don’t forget, your dynasty team still beat the median, so you’re 1-1 and top half of the league. Could be worse.


forgot about that. nice.


top three receivers all over 100 yards

maybe I should get Russell Gage in the waivers :eyes:


still lost


My wife is thrilled at the prospect at being named the worst manager of the week despite scoring more points than you (and 20 points more than me, the lowest scorer of the week) :grinning:

It was me she beat in the matchup too :joy:

Should be thanking her for not running up the score I guess

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ODB is on the block in division 2 make an offer if you want him folks

Ghostface and Capaddonna?


Feeling very low about my dynasty team. It was built around the twin pillars of Michael Thomas and George Kittle, at the expense of a great RB (I thought Philip Lindsay was going to be big…) Desperation for RB help led to a misguided trade for Fournette just before he was cut by the Jags… and somewhere along the way I’ve misplaced next year’s picks. This is a deeply broken franchise.


When your first round pick gets a high ankle sprain there’s not much hope is there. MT will be playing through that all year. This game is a shiter.




Hello Div 2, I’ve just released Devante Parker by accident. If you could leave him on the waivers for me to pick up again on Tuesday that’d be swell. He’ll be my first pick as punishment for my idiocy.

Joke’s on you when I sell the franchise to some telecomms billionaire with a history of racism.

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I’ve commished him right back at you.

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Was so, so close to listening to the fantasy goobers and benching conner this week. Would have been furious rn if I’d gone with it

Tuesday afternoon:

Wednesday morning:

Think the Cardinals D got docked three points for some reason. Terrible scenes.



I got very confused playing the same person in two leagues this week: getting smashed in one and being the smasher in the other.

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Oh no. Oh that is nightmare material.

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