NFL fantasy 2021

I’d like to add my name to the waiting list.

Will likely be back in the thread seeking reassurances about my Dynasty team/moaning about TEs once the season comes round.

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Still very happy to commission Div 2 as a way to exorcise the demons of last year’s collapse. Will read through this thread in a bit to see who’s in/out before beginning my reign of terr…ific commissioning.


Update: both leagues are now updated for the new season. Teams have been kicked out where appropriate, so @spit-fire , @jont2001 , @boxtoboxelder , @hip_young_gunslinger and @Al_Rec check your message in the Sleeper app for links to the leagues.

@steved - you are now jointly in charge of Div 2. I’ll lurk as co-commissioner for now, just in case, but I’ll leave when it looks like things are up and running. Everyone has confirmed for Div 2 except for spitfire, he doesn’t reallly come on DiS any more as far as I can see but he’s been playing since the start so I expect he’ll turn up. If not, there would be one space to fill in Div 2.

Only people not to commit for Div 1 yet are @kenako (much the same as spitire, expect he’ll turn up), DanishInvaders (who is non-Dis, I don’t know them but I’m expecting they’ll be in. I want to say it’s someone called Henrik? is that right?) and my brother, who I will bother about it at some point.

All in all I think we’ll probably have a full house, but keep an eye out @ghostly just in case.

Next thing to do will be to work out draft dates, but we can wait a bit for them.

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Yes I’m in! Sorry, deleted the Sleeper App as it was incessantly pinging me with nonsense notifications and I figured I’d just delete it from my phone until the next season. And here we are!

Oh yeah mate, all danes are called Henrik - Henrik Henriksen, that’s him. Jeeeez.

(Yes, he’s called Henrik and I’ll chase him now. I’d be surprised if he’s not in)


You’re a lovely boy, @The_Excession :grin:


Henrik Henriksen is indeed in


We have one open spot in Div 1, my brother has bailed. I have unilaterally decided to promote another team from Div 2, welcome last season’s 4th place finishers (and regular season league champs) gingeravengers, aka Ms @FKA_Adam_Jeffson. She will be maintaining bragging rights in their household for at least this season.

That leaves us with a gap in Div 2. @NeilYoung , you are first on my waiting list. Are you interested in joining?

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I might possibly be interested. What is the format, is it a keeper league? Is there a new draft this year or will I be managing another person’s keeper team?

If it’s a new draft, being 5 hours behind most of you I would have to plan ahead logistically for draft date/time. But yeah definitely intrigued.

It’s redraft, we start again each year. You’d be drafting your own team. We usually draft on a Sunday evening, so early afternoon for you probably, and most likely the one ten days before the season starts. Format is fairly basic, 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2 Flex, K, DEF. Non PPR.

Oh, and it’s on the Sleeper app, so you need to be prepared to sign up to that! But it is good, better than which we used to use.

All right sign me up for now. If I can’t make draft date/time I’ll surely let you know well in advance. 9/5/21 is a Sunday I won’t be able to make however as I’ll be at a concert.

Obviously feel free to schedule as the rest of you see fit, just letting ya know.

OK, the app allows you to set a draft queue anyway if you can be bothered and won’t automatically draft a kicker in round 7 like the nfl. com one used to. You’ll need to sign up to Sleeper, then DM me your username on that. I’ll then send you the link to join the league.

I hate to do this, but my shift schedule is looking pretty bleak. I think I’m going to have to reluctantly withdraw from the league :sob:

Who did I take over from last season? Maybe they could take over the team? I always felt like a caretaker anyway.

No way! You can run the team on pretty little effort once the draft is over. And it would be your team this year.

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OK, I’m back in! I’ll find the time to make a decent showing. I need to stop being such a pessimist.

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V pleasing seeing this post and update on sleeper app at almost same time.

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It took me about ten minutes to figure out how to edit the team name and badge :smiley: back in the game!!

On second thought I think I’ll pass, you can give the opening slot to someone else in line. Sounds like a great league and thanks for the invite but I’m already in 3 fantasy leagues and don’t know if I want to do anymore. Good luck to all though and thanks again!

OK, no worries. @ghostly, it’s your time to… shimmer with a strange, ethereal light?


Delighted how little effort it took to convince you!

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Ha, it certainly is. My username on sleeper is EnnuiLee

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