NFL fantasy 2021

I’m really up and down at the moment… I have a new job with pretty gruelling hours, but really decent money at the end of a years probation. I’m fluctuating between “shit, I could by a house!!” And “how the fuck is my body going to survive”.

Anyway… I’m looking forward to DOMINATING

Yeah, understandable. Sometimes it’s hard to say whether fantasy is a welcome distraction from real life or another headache, but worth finding out. For me it was very much the former last year. If you decide it’s too much mid-season we certainly won’t hold it against you.


Fantasy sport has been absolutely essential for my mental health (in a good way) over the last 16 months.


Strong relate

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Cannot put into words how excited i am for September!!!

Get like this every year. Build up to wk1 is like a grown-up version of Christmas for me.

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So still one more spot open in Div 2 by my estimations, no rush for a taker just yet. I know some people who have played in the past still lurk.

There’s two invites out, to spitfire and anthonycameron and I still need to quit, so that should tidy it up. anthonycameron has already signalled his interest through sleeper but hasn’t taken up his invitation. Not heard from spitfire yet.

Classic anthonycameron

Ugh. Ffs

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Fucking hell, Deandre.

Deleted it, but replaced it with

My other redraft is switching to auction style this year, brand new to that style. Anyone have any advice around strategy?

Quick update:

Div 1 - still need @hip_young_gunslinger and gingeravengers (FAO @FKA_Adam_Jeffson) to take up their invites. See sleeper DMs, or I can DM it again here if necessary.

Div 2 - awaiting the arrival of @spit-fire to take up his invitation. I’ve set @steved as commissioner and deleted my team, it’s all yours now! You can decide how long you want to wait for him, he’s played since day 1 so I expect him to arrive eventually but I’ve got no way of contacting him outside here or Sleeper.

Never done it but would quite like to. used to do it for my premier league fantasy league about 20 years ago but I don’t think it’s transferrable.

That didn’t take long, we’re all set in Div1!


Thanks for the nudge!


I get notifications when I’m mentioned here to my email, but they have been going to junk. Lucky I checked! I’m in if that’s alright!

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It is! Now to figure out how to add you to the league…

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Once @spit-fire has clicked the link in the Sleeper DM he just needs assigning to a team which is simple enough. It should hopefully be self evident, but DM me if not.

Yep, all done!
Thanks both.

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