NFL Fantasy 2022

It seems like just a few short weeks since the NFL season ended, sort of, but it’s time to send up the fantasy bat-signal. Obviously we transitioned to Sleeper a while back and most communication will be done there, but I think we still need a thread here for signups, admin, bants and what have you.

I’m Div1 commissioner, @Steved is Div2 commissioner. The Hall of Fame, including last year’s champ @hip_young_gunslinger :

Relegated from Div 1 last year: @badmanreturns, @Al_Rec and @kenako.

If someone can let me know who’s due to come up I will boot those three and invite them, and vice versa for Div 2. Then we can get down to the business of organising some drafts.

And if you are not in a league but want to be, put your hand up below.


Excited Ultimate Warrior GIF by WWE

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Just a quick FYI, it looks as if the Sleeper app requires an update that (according to reviews on Google Play) doesn’t actually install, so you may need to reinstall if you’re using Android. Once that’s done I’ll confirm runners and riders for this season and get a poll going for draft date (and hopefully won’t be at a wedding for it this year).

Anyone sees me even mention a ‘Zero RB’ draft strategy again this year, i shall expect a swift intervention.

Not D’Andre. Never D’Andre.

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He’s in the best shape of his career!

Well aren’t we all?

OK then, the following people are due to be promoted:


Congratulations to them, @The_Excession please send one of your highfalutin Div 1 limousines to remove them from our property immediately.

Would the following please confirm that they’re still up for playing:


And Anthony Cameron, who I believe is a non-DiSer.


I’m not excited, YOU’RE EXCITED…


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vINny Testaverde

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I’m up for it and I’ll double check with Ant but expect he’s in

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Can you confirm what their Sleeper names are, if different?

Usernames sent.

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Certainly in, looking forward to it and time to do some prep.

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in like matt flynn

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Teams booted and invites sent for Div 1

Do you need to do that before rolling the league forward, or can you still boot and reinvite after it’s been rolled forward? Is it boot then roll or roll then boot?

Roll then boot

Hmm, I have rolled but don’t appear to have the option to boot.

Yes, I’m IN for Div 2

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