NFL Fantasy 2022


This is on PC: go to the cog, choose member settings, choose unassign/remove and then remove the owner.

To send out invites, once there is a vacancy Sleeper generates a join link on the front page. Start a chat and add the new users, paste the link.

Once they’ve joined the league, you have to assign them a team in a similar process to removing them.

Apologies if you know all the rest of that!

Many thanks, turns out Member Settings doesn’t actually exist on mobile which is nice and useful.

@Al_Rec , @badmanreturns and @kenako - if you can let me know your usernames I’ll send your invites across.

Sleeper crossover post

AmIN-Ra St. Brown

Done and sent (turns out you can only message people who aren’t already in your league on desktop too).

It’s very odd the disparity between desktop and mobile, both have features the other doesn’t, especially for commissioning. Regularly find myself trailing from one to the other.

I don’t think I’ve ever logged in to the desktop version before today, thought the whole point was that it’s app-based. Oh well, from memory the league itself ran fairly smoothly last year.

I’m Mark INgram

My wife and I are currently discussing whether we’re going to boycott the NFL after the Watson verdict, so I think it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be able to play this year, as much as I love this league.

Not expecting you to wait around for us - if you have other people interested who are ready to commit then do go ahead and offer them our places (she is GingerAvengers - she might be in Div1 @The_Excession ).

Thanks for all the good times! I had a ton of fun even though I mostly fielded awful teams.

OK, well you’ve probably got a fair while to decide before we finalise, but if you can’t enjoy it then \i get that.

Ah man, enjoyed playing in the league with both of you and selfishly hope you reconsider. But totally respect where you’re both at.

@Steved Anthony is in

username on Sleeper is… ‘kenako’

Thanks, think I’ve messaged you with a link to join? Let me know if it hasn’t worked.

I’m also IN for the next season. Total clear-out of support staff and scouting department. Fired all the concessions stand workers. That should do it. Back to the sunlit uplands of Div 2.

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I think we’re good and I’ve joined - although I’m not in the draft order or league table, but foating as an unassigned user - maybe I have to be assigned a team (1, 3 or 11) by you? No rush at all though, happy to wait until the other 2 new/relegated teams have been added

By virtue of being the first to join you have been assigned team number 1. Welcome to League 2.

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Just to note that if any lurkers want to play, firstly how tragic do you have to be to lurk on a fantasy NFL thread, and secondly that’s exactly the sort of moxie we’re looking for in the NFL fantasy thread. There’s likely to be a couple of spots spare, so hit us up. @NeilYoung? You had too many leagues last year as I recall, and some time difference issues, but maybe this is the year.

Also a quick call for @spit-fire, very reliably turns up but may need an @-ing


I will kindly pass but thank you for the offer.