NFL Fantasy 2023

It’s time for the 13th annual DiS Fantasy American Football League!

For the uninitiated, we have two leagues set up on the Sleeper platform with promotion and relegation. As of the end of last year both leagues were full, but if you have an interest, shout, we usually need one or two managers.

Tragically and due to circumstances outside of my control (my players not being very good), I was relegated from Div 1 last year so we need a new commissioner there - @colonel_getafe volunteered at the end of last year, hopefully that’s still OK. @Steved is div 2 commissioner.

Relegated from div 1 last year were me, @joe and @boxtoboxelder. Promoted were @Al_Rec, @almal100 and @badmanreturns. We’ll need to do some admin in-league.

Feel free to declare your in-ness below but not everyone’s on DiS, we’ll do the majority of the admin on Sleeper.

Hall of Fame: graphic design is my passion


Last year’s thread

IN for :heavy_division_sign: 1

Back in for league one where I was robbed of victory by something as insignificant as a young man’s near death experience.

Nevertheless, I accept with good grace. And they say the paramedics were the real heroes!

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In. Hopefully make the playoffs after just missing out on points scored.

Reminds me that I need to pay attention to my dynasty team…

I’m in!

I’ve had a real mixed bag in my 3 seasons. First year I got promoted after taking over the bottom team half way through the season, got to I think the semi final of div 1 in my second season and then got relegated in shambolic fashion in year three.

I feel ready to bounce back to the big time!

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AustIN Ekeler’s zoom calls

I’m definitely out - it appears moving the highlights to ITV had a worse effect on my engagement than I expected.

Count me in

Welcome to Division 2 @The_Excession, @joe and @boxtoboxelder, looking forward to you classing the joint up with your highfalutin Division 1 ways. Please could you DM me your Sleeper usernames and I’ll add you to the league (although from memory you can’t do this in the app because reasons so it’ll probably be tomorrow at the earliest).

Keith’s resignation also means we now have a spare spot in Div 2 up for grabs to anyone who fancies having a go. Can’t remember who’s shown an interest in the past but I’ll give first preference to DiSers before opening it to friends and friends of friends etc.

If @kenako, @jont2001 , @dstean , @wilykit and @friendofthenight could all confirm that they still want to play that would be super.

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I’ll hang around in div 1 for a bit, just while we sort out the handover and get some more attendees

I’m in

Ah’m in-Ra St. Brown

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I’m in Div 2. Team name is Jimmys Wang Yang

My username is my dis username I think

@Al_Rec @badmanreturns @almal100 DM me your Sleeper usernames and I’ll get you invited to Div 1!

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Do i need to leave div 2 myself? Or will someone boot me out?

Feel like there should have been more ceremony about @The_Excession leaving div 1, one of the best to ever do it in DiS fantasy. But in the end I just booted him out of the airlock.


Distinct this guy vibes



Hoping to get the booting done today.

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