NFL Fantasy 2023


Ridder hasn’t been possible to move so far but hopefully this week might help. Had been trying to get Garrett Wilson and moving on Hopkins whilst things are down but it fell through and Williams injury with Herbert stack is a loss. Collins is a good shout, is on a team rebuilding though.

Was briefly delighted by Zack Moss having the day Jonathan Taylor was supposed to have yesterday until I realised that I’d started two players on bye weeks because I was poorly organised (although the 2 players I picked up to replace them scored a measly 7 points between them so they won’t be the only reason I lose this week).

Hey, the predictive scoring says I’ve still got a chance!

Typical though, isn’t it. Bears finally get a win, Fields goes off… and there’s still something to be grumpy about. Ironically, the first game I’ve had my first round pick (Kupp), you didn’t have yours (Ekeler), and you still smashed me. Nonsense game really.

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Torn between Dak and Kyler. Dak the obvious choice but feel like that could be over very early and he might not do much

  • Murray @ texans
  • Prescott @ panthers
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Went Murray. Good start

Felt pretty win-win whichever way you went


Yeah feeling pretty happy with picking Kyler up in the draft and having him on IR. Looks very sharp

Picked up Rondale Moore in absolute desperation after Guyton and Michael Wilson were late inactives. Hehe.

I obviously don’t need to tell you how horrendously down bad I am at receiver.

Anyone ever read any of the comments under Sleeper fantasy news articles? I think it might be the worst place on the entire internet. Just wall to wall racism, sexism and trolling of the very lowest, most pathetic level.

I had the unfortunate experience of watching redzone on DAZN on my laptop last weekend, which featured an uncloseable chat party window. It was a mix of what you describe and people moaning that they couldn’t close the chatbox. Pretty grim.

Every time I think my team is out of playoff contention for good something else happens and my hopes rise again. Thought Sunday’s loss would be the final nail in the coffin but Jonathan Taylor’s injury means Zack Moss is suddenly relevant again, giving me precisely one viable RB1 (which is one more than most weeks since Nick Chubb went down and Aaron Jones appears to be made of glass these days).

Been a big disappointment of a season. Was happy with my draft, no-one’s really been injured, not many complete busts (Ekeler hasn’t performed, Dotson was a disaster), scored only 20 points fewer than the top team, somehow only good enough for 11th. Odd.

Season’s fallen basically perfectly for me after starting 2-4. Partly by decent drafting, mostly by pure luck. Wound up now with 2 of the best QB options (Kyler and Dak), 2 of the elite WRs (lamb and hill), three relatively reliable RBs (Gibbs, kamara and somehow Devin Singletary).

Higgins and Pitts have been disappointments but can’t complain too much

I feel bad for the top scorer in Div1 (won’t @ them) who is currently 5-7 and in 8th place. Now that’s got to rankle!

Oh and the lowest scorer is in 7th. Oooft.


It’s a stupid game really. Might make myself feel better with a searingly detailed post about all my dynasty teams.

That’s my pal who’s not on DiS and his path from pure rage to grim acceptance has been funny to observe.

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Tell them i respect their fruitless endeavours even more now that i know they can’t vent in here every week like @The_Excession or something :grinning:

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If i was still commissioner I’d be commissioning my boot up your arse right about now

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It really is a nonsense. This year seems to have been particularly frustrating? Or do I think that every year? Maybe both can be true.