NFL Fantasy football 2017



Hello NFL fantasy degenerates. It is time to start thinking about football again – or at least fantasy football. As ever we have plenty of early admin to attend to, and rounding up of players. First – the Hall of Fame.

I haven’t kept track of Div 2, sorry.

These are the players that I think were in Div 1 last year, please sign in (to this thread) for 2017!
@tea_seagull @hip_young_gunslinger @kenako cuban_dictator @Steved @brusma TheExcession @Aggpass @ThierryEnnui @colonel_getafe (relegated) @mildmanneredjanitor (relegated) 0RB_Dave (relegated).

You can only @ 10 users in one post, so more to follow…


Coming up from Div 2: @jontosh2001 @dstean @yeahbitterns . Please PM me your email addresses and I’ll get you set up in div 1.

Also in div 2: @coolerthantv @spit-fire @trumpet @wilykit @sheeldz @Smyth2 @VincentAdultman (I think). Plus some others I’m missing. Spitfire to confirm, maybe.


People who were messing about with us in the thread last year and likely to find themselves with a team this year if they want one: @Ichor @badmanreturns @incandenza.

People that used to play and ought to hurry up and get interested again: @Severed799

And anyone else who wants to get involved, sign up now to inherit a team when people don’t turn up.

@Brusma is in charge of keeper, hopefully he’ll make an appearance.



Yes I’m in. Are we taking suggestions for rule/points changes? I don’t think I have any per se, just putting it out there. Although I vaguely remember us having a conversation about changing up to PPR, pss half point?

(I’m not super keen tbh, my other league is HPPR, and I like having one regular to give those injury prone RBs some love)


Yeah sign me up! Had so much fun with fantasy last year (especially the winning bit) so surely two leagues would be even more fun!


We’ll have to wait and see who doesn’t turn up, but you’re first in the queue for div 1 at the moment.


very much IN, looking forward to mixing it with the big boys this year…


hi! what do I do, where do I go, IN!!!


If there are any spaces left over I’d really like to join!


playing fantasy really helped me develop in the nerd stakes, even if the game I was playing just had you pick a team for defence. FUN.


I think 2 is the perfect number of teams - not got all your eggs in one basket, but also not rooting for pretty much every relevant player (because you have so many teams, every player is in at least one of your teams).


yeah 100%. I went to the fan forum in London this week with a couple of guys from my league and I was saying it’s funny how much my knowledge of positions etc. has improved. They also said we’re not gonna use cheat sheets for our draft this year which I was genuinely excited by ha, last year I had barely any idea what was going on even with the sheet. Time to start planning!


So we have @badmanreturns, @incandenza and @AdamJeffson waiting on spots. Sit tight gents, when people don’t return to look after their team you’ll be taking over their teams. I’d be very surprised if you don’t all three get teams.


Todd MarINovich


cheat sheets?! I went in pretty blind myself last year… did alright, actually.

well then, lets get those schedules out [furrows brow]

I figure I’m going to have a look through the various SBN fan sites; I’m already on top with regards to the Falcons through the Falcoholic.


…and through getting deep into the Falcons, I’ve improved my knowledge of positions etc.


Good work promoted managers @jontosh2001, @yeahbitterns and @dstean, three email addresses sent within an hour of being requested. Check your emails, a team awaits you.


Marshawn LINch


Happy to get involved! Two leagues might keep me even busier!


Soon to be Pro-Bowl calibre left tackle after the Lions’ reclamation efforts, Greg RobINson.