NFL - NFC/AFC Championship Games thread

Saints v Patriots Super Bowl is my prediction

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Still backing Saints to go all the way, really hope the Chiefs fucking munt the Pats though.


Pats saints, brady brees.

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Heart says Chiefs Rams, head says Pats Saints.

New Orleans sounds like a fantastic city but really don’t get why everyone gives the Saints a pass in the evil franchises game

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I am very very very excited for tomorrows games.

Really routing for brees myself

Realised over the last week that I really want Reid to win this. McVay has years ahead of him and has only been around for 2, the other two have won it already. Seeing Tyreek Hill hoisting the Lombardi would be sickening, but most teams have someone (bit worried about Hunt and the bears this off season).




Big gap, going into ‘do not want this to happen’


Too much #narrative.

Reckon we can crowdfund for him?

Celebrating at that point made me think he’s probably not much of a team player - there was nothing for any of the Colts players to feel good about by that point of the game.

These OP’s need a bit of work, Keanu.

Patriots v Saints for me, but hope i’m wrong on both counts. Would be happy enough to see three of the four teams remaining win it, mind.

Very much looking forward to the later game. Sadly have to miss the 8pm game.


I can’t say I am any good at picking, but I’ll persist and go for Chiefs Rams.
I’ve been told that Sheldon Rankins is the heart of the Saints defence, and he tore his Achilles. Rams newfound two-pronged rushing attack should have plenty of joy.
As for the Pats, Brady is essentially the same age as me, and I can barely handle being tackled by my 18 month old. So against the rejuvenated Chiefs defence in frigid conditions, he may not be up to his past standards.

This two hour late start for the championship games is killing me, let’s get this show on the road!


Anyone know a place on Bristol I can watch?

Does this help?

Nothing listed (but thanks)



  • Secret pats fan
  • out in the open pats fan
  • I don’t enjoy historically great American football

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wellity wellity wellity…

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Sorry bud, just getting your hopes up there. Hoping they lose tonight…

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