NFL Off season thread 2021

People like him and Schefter realised a long time ago that the key to a long and fruitful career reporting on the NFL is to not rock the boat, so it’s no surprise they’re towing the party line on this.

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Wonder if this is a prelude to a full sale?

Giants had a red flag on Kyle Rudolph’s physical saying it looks like he could require foot surgery. Ultimately signs, can’t wait for this one to unfold.

Cards sign Malcolm Butler

We’re so winning the 2016 Superbowl

Love reading through these old threads, seeing how fast things change and how right or wrong we were about things. Saw an absolute classic @steved take the other day from a couple of years ago that has aged like English wine, I’ll have to see if I can find it. I’ll find one of mine for balance, although that’ll be a lot harder of course…


Oh I’m sure there are hundreds, if it was possible to prognosticate the NFL with any accuracy then it wouldn’t be any fun.

One of my only regrets about the old boards getting nuked is the loss of an argument I had with brusma in which he got verrrrrry shirty with me when I said Roberto Aguayo in the second round was an awful pick.

Here we go

You can have Trubisky and Kizer though.

And yeah, the wild prognostications are the major entertainment in the enver-ending off season. Going to look for one of mine now.

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Ooooft. Like milk in a sauna, that one.

A quick review finds that I stick to fish in a barrel obvious wins on the whole. Foles to Jags for $88m wouldn’t work out! Bears trading up one spot for Trubisky was a really bad idea! Not exactly edging out on that limb.

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Still not as bad as the Bears take on that draft

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This one works out a bit better for you.


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Let the crime wave begin.

Big trade action!

San Fran trades for Miami’s third pick, then Miami trades for Philly’s sixth pick.


@Acorn How likely do you think Atlanta are to take a QB?

What did San Fran give up?

and still have the 6th pick, winner winner for the Dolphins that is.

EDIT: Nevermind I don’t know how to read. Still like it for Miami.

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not very likely, as far as I can tell?

they will surely take the best player available, but I think there’s a good chance they’ll trade down - Kyle Pitts has been strongly linked.

at QB, Matty’s still the guy going forwards, and rightly so.

49ers want a QB, Dolphins are sticking with Tua, right?

this seems obvs, I guess that’s what you mean??