NFL Off season thread 2021

Oh Josh

He’s always been a bit Trumpy, hasn’t he?

Who out there is floating this stuff right now? Very weird flex.

Every Mike Florio article on Deshaun Watson somehow manages to be dumber than the last. This one literally stops mid-sentence.

Doesn’t help that everyone involved sounds like a minor Pynchon character

Wait, is he Joker or Two Face?

Not even joining the Bucs for a year.

Author of what is probably the single most impressive sporting moment I have seen in the flesh. Great player.

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I knew that one!

Great speech:

I enjoy Jeopardy, these’s lots of Netflix.

Won’t be watching while HE is involved though, obviously.

the crimewave continues

I know mock drafts are just entertaining nonsense, but Fields lasting until the Steelers at 24? Nahhhhhhh


citation needed

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I love a good mock, me

What’s the most batshit trade in NFL history?

Have there been some like in ice hockey where half a team’s been swapped for one star player, etc?

A trade that went so wrong the traded player lost interest in football and joined the US bobsleigh team.

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Am I misreading that, or can teams trade players and offer incentives to the buying team to later drop/release them?

I’m not sure to be honest. You definitely could do it without explicitly doing it by making the pick conditional on the player not taking any snaps in the next season, but I imagine an explicit “sign and cut” wouldn’t be allowed.

On the other end of the spectrum, this attempted trade last year was fun

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