NFL Off season thread 2021

Yeah given the season I was waiting to see what would happen this year before judgement.

Although probably also being optimistic as I have him in a dynasty team, now subject to low ball trade offers.

There’s a lot of “Jake Funk” action going on in my dynasty leagues. Crazy name, crazy guy! Probably.

In my 5 minutes of watching the NFL i’ve decided the ‘weird off-season’ benefit of the doubt should only be given to Mr. Tuanigamanuolepola “Tua” Tagovailoa of the Miami Dolphins. As per 90% of analysts, apparently.

Running backs just run into gaps, I’m certain of it.

Is Bruce okay

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No fan of the Brady Bucs but seeing Tristan Wirfs there, one year removed from college, is just lovely.

Oh wait, he was done for drink driving in college. Fucks sake. Nothing’s nice!

Wasn’t expecting to see this. Cole Beasley meltdown incoming.

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Kliff Kingsbury sweating right now

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He probably has a few more to worry about, although not at that level. Cardinals were listed with Colts, Chargers and Washington as being the teams with less than 50% of the team vaccinated a few days back.

Link: 13 NFL teams over 85% of players vaccinated, but some still below 50%

Bill O’Brien suddenly looking like a genius now

Can’t find anywhere else to put it and I’m not going to annoy the NHL fans by putting it in their thread, but here’s the results of the NHL expansion draft. Someone needs to Dugnutt and Bonzalez the hell out of this. Tyler Pitlick!

Can’t believe an NHL team stole the Guildford Flames’ logo like that

Silly decision, if people don’t want to be vaccinated that’s their problem, they’ve had their chance (in the US anyway), you can’t keep rescheduling games for a virus that’s never going away now.

Sad news out of Jets camp today.

I just want him to face the correct repurcussions and then fuck off forever.

Won’t happen. He’ll be the Rapelisberger of the 2034 season :disappointed_relieved::pensive:

Going to be vile when he’s playing week one and ‘putting his off field issues behind him’

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ffs that’s pretty good tbf tbh

I’d be flabbergasted if that’s real