NFL Offseason 2024 Thread

comfortably one of the most punchable faces in the world

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probably inevitable for a kicker to end up so needy and insecure

Justin Tucker seems cool?

oh, I know, was just a light-hearted jab at kickers and punters

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So Jared Goff is like the second highest paid player in the league now.

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Think it’s probably the right move. They’re convinced he’s good enough within the right system to win a Super Bowl, which I think is reasonable based on last season and his overall stats the past two years. He’s going to have pieces around for the next couple of years (Ben Johnson being the question mark). It’s better to pay him now than wait for Dak, Trevor, Tua (?) and probably Love get paid.

Obviously he’s not in the same tier as people like Allen and Lamar and I’d rather have them, but they’re not exactly racking up Lombardis either. Stick with what you know because it’s harder to get better, and easy to get a loss worse.

Think the money doesn’t massively matter. What matters is how easily the lions can get out of the contract in 2 years time if they need to. As you say with the right cast and OC he’s good enough, but get the feeling he’s a big confidence/scheme player and he’s already had a team have to dig themselves out of his contract in his career

Lions roped in Tim Robinson to do their schedule release but the Chargers are as consistent as ever, solid number of background gags:


The credits scene of Aaron Rodgers getting an alien baby is inspired, especially considering the Chargers don’t even play the Jets this year.

Just noticed Harrison Butker in the kitchen as well, finger truly on the pulse

Sadly I think that’s Baker Mayfield.

From the credits, not the Buccs section



Ahahahaha, that’s fantastic.

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(@NeilYoung what you sayin’?)

Retro I can dig it.


:roll_eyes: weak