NFL Offseason Thread 2020

Its official folks, Philip Rivers is a free agent. Pick up options Colts, Bucs maaaybe?

Colts would make some sense. Dunno if winston to 2020 rivers is an upgrade tbh (similar pick - td ratio last season).

Honestly don’t think there will be much of a market for him. He’s been above average for a long, long time but he’s 38 and looked absolutely cooked for large periods of last year.

Really liked Bill Barnwell’s offseason scenarios article:

Had totally forgotten about Cam likely being available, can see him ending up in Vegas…

Rivers is going to end up somewhere completely unsuitable because an idiotic GM thinks he’s the missing piece of a Superbowl team. Usually Denver fit this bill but Drew Lock actually looked alright towards the end of last year, so either Dallas or Cleveland seem like better bets.

Regardless of whether it’s true or not, I’m surprised that the league didn’t lean on him hard not to bring this up again as a condition of his reinstatement to cover up any possible failures on their part

The crimewave begins!

How much??!! Starting that crimewave with a bang.

Why on earth would he do that? Per sportrac he’s earned $29m in his career, which isn’t (wasn’t?) over. This doesn’t seem like a financially prudent plan, 157lbs or not. Might be tough to claim personal use.

Who knows. Like you say, it’s unlikely he needs the money. Maybe he owes someone bad a big favour. Maybe the car was loaded up by someone else and he didn’t know? The sentence is no joke though.

If you manage to get stopped at the Mexican border while driving from Los Angeles to Louisiana you deserve everything you get tbh.

Plays for Cleveland

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Sounds like there are going to be 7 teams from each conference in the playoffs next year, with only one team getting a bye. Very much looking forward to the Texans appearing in every playoffs from now until the end of time.

Where’d you hear that? :slight_smile:

Schefter, sounds like it’s being considered as an alternative to a 7 game season in the new CBA.

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Tony Romo got PAID. Must be wondering why he carried on through all those inuries for so long now.

Obviously ridiculous money (like all things NFL related), but it’s crazy how far ahead he is of any other pundit, in any of the sports I watch. I usually seek out whatever game Romo is covering if the Saints aren’t playing. Glad he’s not joining ESPN as I rarely stay up for the Monday night game.


That contract would make him the 36th best paid NFL player in 2020.


But also:


An interesting comparison.