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ffs Browns



FFS Cleveland


Next year the Raiders will play the majority of their home games in:

  • Oakland
  • San Francisco (Old 49ers stadium)
  • Santa Clara (New 49ers stadium)
  • San Diego
  • Some other town in California (Fresno or somewhere)
  • London
  • They’ll play 16 road games

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Think they are trying to negotiate a deal to play one more year at the oakland coliseum before vegas


ahh man.

had the Browns done anything evil before this? they seemed so harmless.


Seems like the city of Oakland doesn’t really want them there unless they pay through the nose for the rent, something which I can’t really see one of the NFL’s more notorious tightwads doing out of choice.


Their greatest player ever (who they have a statue of) makes Ben Roethlisberger look like Aaron Rodgers


the Kareen Hunt move still baffles me. Young up and coming RB in Nick Chubb. Duke Johnson a nice change of pace/scat back. Now they want to bring in this PR nightmare?


wow, jfc.

has he not faced any post-#metoo repercussions yet?


This, exactly. Absolutely didn’t need to put themselves in this position, bizarre decision if you ask me.


Kyler Murray has picked getting bludgeoned repeatedly in the head over playing rounders for millions of dollars. Will be the first ever to go in the first round of both drafts. Don’t watch much college these days but guess he’ll be top 10, and the 2nd qb off the board?


I reckon he’ll go first or second overall.


Really? Thought the consensus was that the ohio state lad (name escapes me) was a better prospect and that the top end of the draft is heavy on d linemen (not that this ever stops QBs from going early)


Justin Herbert has stayed at oregon for now right?


I’ve read a bit about him and he sounds like a legit prospect. Then there’s the draft itself where at least two teams can be almost guaranteed to shit themselves immediately and trade up for a QB. If I could bet on this now I would do so.


Herbert stayed at oregon. Dwayne haskins is the qb from ohio st, who should be first qb taken imo. Murray definite top tenner though. Will grier from west virginia also out there, but looks like his stock is plummeting a bit. My giants will be needing to draft one of them.


Still feel Nick Bosa will go first unless the Cardinals trade down. He might not change a team the way Murray could but he’s much less likely to get anyone fired.


Yes :blush:

Edit: already answered.


He’s 5 foot 9 though. I know Brees and Wilson exist but that’s incredibly short for an nfl qb. He’s a first round talent anyway because of how quick and dynamic he is, but there’s a real chance he ends up spending his career in a different position, and I reckon that’ll put people off. But then manziel went at 22 so…