NFL Offseason Thread


Did anybody here see the email from the NFL about the Academy they are doing in Barnet? It sounds pretty amazing

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Hey guys, thinking of changing the GM - we can do it when we have the number 3 pick and loads of cap space… or we can do it just after, when the players have been picked/signed, but not much idea how they’ll do as they won’t have played yet, so any incoming GM will basically be judged on the fired guy’s work for the first year… option 2, yeah?


In fairness, we did similar when we hired McDermott. Had the draft, fired Whaley then hired Beane.

Whaley hadn’t signed a running back and lb to eye-watering contracts that off season, however.

I refer back to my previous post on my considered thoughts on the matter.



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Tbf, the most ideal time is possibly… October? Allows your scouts to get a good look at college prospects in actual games and training sessions rather than relying on tape. But that’s pretty nuts to do it in October. Hence why so many new GMs keep the same scouts as old regime until the next full off season. But still pretty amazing for the guy you hired to essentially fire you before a game’s been played


Read that the Jets signed the most guaranteed money ($121m) this off season, really terrific work all round.


Still will probably have more wins than the Giants. :sneezing_face: