NFL Offseason Thread

Antonio Brown v Vontaza Burfict, you say?

Anyone else fancy opening a popcorn business in Oakland?

This makes a lot of sense (the only wrinkle would be that it might have made more sense next year when they actually move city). Should be entertaining though…

Absolutely makes sense from a TV perspective in that it’ll very likely be an entertaining disaster. If it isn’t it probably means that they’ve just about got their act together as a serious team. Not impossible but I think it’s unlikely to be a snooze fest like the Tampa Bay one

Too many absolute weirdos for it to be boring I reckon.


I like the move to do it now. They recently did the first year in a new place with the Rams, so maybe there’ll be a bit of perspective on the leaving side

(doubt it, probably not good PR for the league to show the damage it causes)

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