NFL Offseason Thread

Panthers. Finally they are coming over here

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correct! Bears


Didn’t know we have a Panthers fan in our midst. Like it :slight_smile:

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Yep 11 years and counting and still waiting for that Superbowl win

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Long suffering Vikings fan.

Don’t think I knew there was an NFL thread on here.

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How are you feeling about this year? From everything I’ve seen about the Panthers atm I’d suspect its looking pretty doom-and-gloom (tough division, defence without much identity, i’m assuming that the positive reports of Cam’s shoulder are just minicamp propaganda and vastly exaggerating). But they were very good for the first half of last season so could see them pulling it together

If Cam’s shoulder is OK, as they’re making it out to be, we do have a chance. Obviously though, minicamp means nothing and most of the reports from them are hyperbole. I think the defence is still good enough to get wins and the signings and draftees should help there too. One signing I really do like is Matt Paradis. With Matt Kalil gone (along with his injuries), I think the O line should be better at protecting Cam.

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At least you’ll always have the single greatest moment in the history of cinema attributed to you

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Bears :bear::bear::bear::bear:


aren’t the panthers the subject of this year’s (last season’s I guess) All or Nothing? How’d you feel about that? Gonna be a bit crushing to watch even as a neutral as they crash from 6-2 to 7-9 :frowning:

Ah don’t, by about week 13 or 14, I just couldn’t watch anymore. Saying that, I was there for the 2-14 2010 season. At one point, I’m cheering when we got points on the board from a safety it was that bad!

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A wind up, surely?

He’ll be on the NFL Network

Or the Giants, it’s 50/50

Apparently it originally said returning to the NFL then was edited to say play in the NFL

I’m reluctant to say he edited it because I’m not sure he posted it.

Not really arsed where/if he plays next year but trying to find the (now deleted post) has taught me that his middle name is Lorenzo.


Gamepass have introduced automatic downloads which seems a good addition for those who watch a download on the morning commute, and should help them speed up when the videos are uploaded. Also some smart tv apps. Price has gone up a little bit

and you can watch abroad now! (good for when Im on holiday)

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So whose trying to get tickets for the games this morning?