NFL Offseason Thread

Looks like Flacco is off to the Broncos. John Elway with another spin on the QB Wheel of Mediocrity.

Think after the Paxton Lynch debacle Elway has reverted to his “try to replace Peyton Manning” mean. Honestly don’t think nowadays Flacco is any better than nowadays Keenum.

Yep, I suspect Keenum is probably ahead of Flacco in more or less every major category these days, excluding Superbowls Won.

Not many weapons in Denver, Emmanuel Sanders I guess. Elway is having a tough go at it surely. He will probably draft a QB too.

“The resolution of this matter is subject to a confidentiality agreement so there will be no further comment by any party.”

Believe in something. Even if it costs you everything :disappointed:

This is really disappointing. I don’t blame them for settling, who wants to go through years and years of litigation, being dragged through the gutter, making yourself a target for every half-cocked idiot on the street. And let’s be straight about it, the way the world is at the moment he actually put his life in danger and by continuing it the risk would increase. Also it will be a LOT of money.

But it needed to be out in the open for everyone to see, and now it just gets swept away in the general morass of NFL scandals, lawsuits and scumminess. The owners basically get away with it, as usual.


Agree with every point in this post

Featuring Tim Tebow as himself. Essential viewing no doubt

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Looks like an oscar contender…

welcome to Boston.

Hoyer to AB would be an incredible thing

Now that it’s “settled”, where does everyone think he might go? I would suspect that now he might be signed. I really would like him to go to the Panthers, might fit in quite well, but I’ve heard that the Patriots are most keen.

Wait what? I thought the whole point of the settlement case was the league are paying him a shedload of cash to quietly go away whilst the owners collude to avoid signing him?


He wants to play but I think his days are most likely over. The AAF wanted him to play, turned that down…


always thought he was a bit of a sleaze…

a forfeiture of all 6 super bowls seems rightly just…

Can’t believe the crimewave has started already

Huge news today, huh?

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