NFL Offseason Thread

Yeah, the main thing it’s missing is live broadcasts of individual games, but redzone is definitely included as I used it for all of last season.

I just had a quick look to see why it isn’t visible on their site and looks like they only make it available once the season has started :man_shrugging:

Well not a good start to training camp for the giants to say the least, jesus.

At least they didn’t trade away a generational player at that position for cents on the dollar!



I guess if you’re going to have terrible injury luck, might as well have it in a season when you’re not challenging?

Well to be fair coleman would have been 3-4 receiver at best. However, we were hoping he could be in the guy in the kick return game. Wasn’t expecting much from the gmen this season, but it’s football you never know. Think we are just going to have to feed Barkley the rock 30 times a game and hope we don’t get him killed. :sleepy:

Holy smokes, just can’t make this stuff up.

Arise, Sir Nathan

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Looks like AJ Green is going to miss 6-8 weeks after getting injured practicing on [checks notes] two different Indian burial grounds. Neat.

Hall of fame game tonight folks. Fangio hasn’t passed his kidney stone and still coaching. Love it.

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can you imagine the amount of hate the player that finally fells a 45 year old Brady via an injury or something is going to get from NE fans?

Yeah, but everyone else will love them.

There’s probably a secret bounty pool among the league’s pass rushers for who can manage it.

josh gordon is back

New series of QB1 is alright.

Weird how you end up rooting for/against them depending on how cocky they are :confused:

This is now available to buy for those who want it. Honestly can’t stress highly enough how great the Game in 40 is if you’ve never tried it.


Guess the only gap with this is being able to watch play off action live?

There were no issues during the first day, but when Tedeschi put a fish head in the freezer and left it there so he could use it as part of the next day’s meal, Brown and his camp perceived it to be a threat.


Today’s the day! The XFL team names and logos are being announced.

Can’t really see this league working if they couldn’t get the AAF to even get through a full season.

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