NFL players who also could be characters in Emmerdale Farm

Tony Pollard
Alfred Morris
Michael Thomas
Joe Mixon
Miles Sanders
Jimmy Graham

There must be more

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QB is the way to go I think, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Derek Carr, Nick Foles etc

Not sure the venn diagram of people who like the NFL and people who like Emmerdale Farm overlaps very much, but good luck with this.

Wouldn’t mind someone saying ‘Jacoby Brissett’ in a cartoonish Yorkshire accent tbf

Todd Gurley

Jason McCourty
Ken Webster
Johnathan Bullard
Buster Skrine (dog)

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Colin Kaepernick regular at the woolpack

Russell Wilson. Cousin to the Dingles

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Six replies in less than two hours. Fully expecting this to go viral.

Michael Gallup (horse)


Current Lions who also live at Home Farm:

Matthew Stafford
Marvin Jones
Mike Ford
Will Harris
Sam Martin
Chris Lacy
Christian Jones
Andrew Adams

Willy Snead (sells knock off dvds in the Woolpack).

Perhaps more fitting in Dickens or Treasure Island but still.

Randy Bullock (bullock)