NFL Playoffs- Conference Championships

Who will make the ultimate trip to SoFi Stadium for the Super Bowl? Don’t think we will ever be able to match the intensity of the games last week, but here’s to hoping.

  • Bengals
  • Chiefs

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  • 49er’s
  • Rams

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Heard a nice little stat (half remembered) in the last few years, KC/Mahomes is 3-1 when win possibility has dropped below 5% in the playoffs, all other teams are like 3-38 or something.


I think the Bengals are definitely capable of beating the Chiefs but am almost certain that they won’t. KC’s secondary is by far their biggest weakness and if Burrow can attack it early and often then it should at least be competitive for a while. They’ve already vastly overachieved this year so won’t be too bothered if they don’t make the Superbowl.


How many hours we giving this then?

Edit: FFS :smiley:

Bears pinching the Packers QB coach might be good, right?

Can’t believe anyone still thinks McDaniels is an HC candidate but then this the brain trust that hired Jon Gruden.



Let’s go Buff…Kansas City

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not come up once yet, fingers crossed it stays like that

A vintage Andy Reid timeout burn there.

I know @Aggpass already did it, I don’t care.

what a throw.


was hoping that bog roll would hit the PAT


This is looking worryingly straightforward for the chiefs offense. Will need something very special to keep pace with them

Ive got boring sky sports stream today

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Don’t think your ankle is supposed to roll that way for Uzomah.

Bengals O-line is absolute filth. Bit reminiscent of watching Andrew Luck’s colts

Beautiful ball, got to have that.