NFL Playoffs- Conference Championships

That Higgins ball was interference surely?


So was the Chase one.

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Higgins yes, chase no imo


The fix is in

why don’t they do something about the fan lobbing toilet rolls at the field goal kicks at the chiefs stadium?

Tough to find a drunk dressed in a sea of red.

I notice this happening every time I see the chiefs play at home, so its weird they wouldn’t look out for that in the next game

A TD feels inevitable when Mahomes leaves the pocket.

Place can get pretty loud eh?

Not going well this, think they’re already in the position where they need to force some turnovers.

Cincy D completely gassed, way too much time on the field.

Brown held off Hendrickson practically one-handed on that last run. I know they’re not blitzing because it’s going to leave them one-on-one but they’re being cut to ribbons at the moment.

This is done.


Throwing to whoever Eli Apple is supposed to be covering is always going to be a sound strategy.

Why are the bengals so bad


Wish this was the later game


I thought this would be championship American football.

I bought ice cream especially


Bengals have no choice but to take deep shots.

They can’t protect Burrow for long enough to run a deep route atm

Was halfway through a post saying that Joe Mixon isn’t actually very good and only gets such good numbers because the rest of the Bengals backs are complete mince but I think I won’t bother now.

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