NFL Preseason Thread 2019: Frostbite Edition!

I cannot top Antonio Brown having frostbite with any more content. Just WTF.

Some meaningless pre-season games are tonight. May all your rookies look explosive and no-one’s ACL explode.

Only a few weeks till actual football!


I left mine rollover deliberately but had an old card listed. Updated the details but have had two notifications telling me they haven’t processed the payment, so dunno what’s happening with it

The debut of Daniel Jones for the giants. Will be watching.

pretty much

To be honest I think more people are just really upset with Gettleman around these parts. The OBJ trade after signing him to a major deal a year before, letting landon collins walk (and then ends up on the redskins of all teams) and the fact you haven’t made the playoffs in forever adding up. Jones was no doubt an unpopular pick at 6, but I for one am interested in seeing what the kid has against NFL competition.

I watch a ton of college ball and wasn’t overly impressed with him at Duke. But hey if Eli goes down or the boo birds start coming out week 3-4, Jones comes in and wins games, all that talk will go out the window.

I’m more interested in seeing how this revamped offensive line looks like this preseason.

cancelled auto rollover as I was on the most expensive package. Hoping to sign up for the much cheaper one that still lets you see redzone and condensed games, as that’s 95% of what I was using it for anyway. Think you can only sign up for that once season starts though.

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The site is shit as ever, don’t expect it to solve anything.


It’s the OBJ one that gets me - everything else is defendable to one extent or another. But an unproven DT, a decent box safety, a very good guard and a low third round pick for Olivier Vernon and OBJ is… eeesh. Especially after paying a LOT to those 2 guys that just left.

I don’t mind the Jones pick at 6 - if they thought he was the best QB there at 6, take him, don’t mess around and hope he’s there at 17. No idea how good he’ll be, but taking a shot at a QB at the top of the draft is fine.

Not to mention this game is an intriguing one believe it or not for the Giants. Need to establish a receiving depth chart with Shepherd hopefully back for week 1, Coleman gone for the year, Tate suspended first four games. Unproven wideouts to say the least, looking to maybe make a name for themselves.

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Hard Knocks is on YouTube

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Huh, it’s not even on Gamepass yet.

Fucking Gamepass. At least they’ve taken my money!

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Yeah I looked for it on GP cos I heard it was out. Think HBO and NFL have agreed to make it free on YouTube which isn’t why it’s not on GP

Exactly mirrors what I’ve done, and my reasons.

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Daniel jones 5 of 5 for 67 yards and a td first drive, ok ok.

this stidham guy is alright.

reckon it in patricia’s contract that he has to wear his cap correctly now?

Pats rookie receivers looking real good today.

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yeah, wait until bill starts playing burkhead at wr when season starts.

Have him on my keeper team as a looooooong term plan.

Watched the first half of Pats-Lions this morning, Lions were absolutely appalling, the number of times they made it to the ball carrier then whiffed a tackle was cringe-worthy. O-line was less that useless. And I reckon we must have the worst backup QBs in the league. Both looked appalling.

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