NFL SUPER Wildcard Weekend Thread

Oof, big domino to fall.

Wonder who the Lions are going to get lumped with now.



Urban Meyer to the jags is confirmed aswell I think


Lions fans can breathe a sigh of relief, looks like Billy O Brien will be the next offensive coordinator for Alabama.

Adam gase it is!



My Lions preferences now:

Arthur Smith I guess?
Brandon Staley (have no idea how he’d be but the fact they’ve hired Holmes from the Rams makes a link-up possible)
Big sigh… Marvin Lewis?

The Jets will reach the playoffs under Saleh

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  • No

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Arthur Smith to the Falcons for head coach. @hip_young_gunslinger Lions wish list dwindling by the day here.

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Apparently it’s going to be Dan Campbell.

Don’t really have any thoughts on that. Can’t say I’m thrilled.

Ahh good ole Dan. Drafted by the Giants as tight end. Interesting hire if so, didnt even know he was a candidate for coaching vacancies. Forgot he was still in the league to be honest.

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He played for the Lions too.

I remember he had a spell as interim HC for the Dolphins, all anyone talked about was his muscles. He’s been with the Saints since, TE coach and assistant HC. Never been a coordinator. Apparently he’s a “leader of men” (rolls eyes) but don’t know what he actually brings in terms of vision or ideas or schemes. Not excited at all.

That’ll be some continuity with the Patricia era at least

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I knew the name was familiar, he was the one who blasted Metallica at practice. Enjoy a long season of establishing the run.

Okay now I’m a bit excited


Sorry to burst your tiny bubble.

Oh man, if they hire this guy… Been a bit quiet on the ole homophobia front in the NFL recently, I guess we were due.

Absolutely textbook “I’m sorry some people were for some reason offended” non-apology in there too., classy stuff.

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I mean, compared to what Patricia “allegedly” got up to in his college days…

Amazingly this has caused a big stink in the Detroit sports world because it turns out the reporter of this article is not without sin:

(Blurred for slurs)

Just heartwarming stuff all round.

I was going to say, if they now hire this guy after the furore around Patricia’s hiring it’s going to look very very bad for the franchise