NFL Superb Owl


too early?




i ‘aint gonna give you my email, they filmin’ right now :smiley:


It’s not a Skittles bike, it’s a Skittles bag attached to my bike.


That’s a time, ridiculous o’clock?!?



  • Out
  • At a house with pals
  • At home by yourself
  • Catch-up after
  • Other

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Plans II:

  • Whole day holiday Monday
  • Half day holiday Monday
  • Phone in sick Monday
  • Worst working day ever Monday

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I couldn’t stay up last year and that was with monday morning booked off. I think this year will be even harder with the kids and i’m busy at work.

I think my plan will be to get up at 5am and do a fastforward or gamepass condensed watch so I know can see the main game. Then on Monday night I’ll probably sit down and watch the whole thing again.


It’s not too bad if you can get some kip on Sunday night before the game I find. It’s also fine when you don’t have a proper job like me.


@shrewbie are you going to watch the Superb Owl then? the evil team are the Patriots (coach and QB have kissed Donald Trump on the mouth numerous times, probably), the good team are the Falcons (from Atlanta, like the TV show, and at least one of them - Mo Sanu - is a Muslim and therefore good and cool).


Satire, or something.


This SB is basically like the Team Shaolin v Team Evil final in Shaolin Soccer


that’s the NARRATIVE. but Ron Reagan is going to give the entire Trump administration Reagan Slams and fly Mo down into the NRG Stadium, fan-man style, only to despairingly realise that the ROOF IS CLOSED and THIS IS ACTUALLY THE ASTRODOME.

at which point JET JONES activates his rocket boots and retrieves the stranded Sanu, before raining down artillery upon Matt Patricia, also known as Belichick’s final horcrux.

Sanu then spikes the ball into the heart of the planet, kick-starting the failing planetary core, for which he recieves the Final Superbowl.

(this isn’t satire, I’m just being creative :thumbsup: :clap: )


Isn’t that what Tom Cruise believes happened at the big bang?


And then something REALLY unusual from Lady Gaga at half time. Probably worth staying up for, all in all.


This probably belongs in a fb message but anyway, there won’t be a pool table this year but a few of us are gunna get a regular table at common room if you fancy it?


The only reason I give a shit about this is someone suggested the Star Wars trailer might air for it.


Would do, but already arranged to go down and see it with my brother.


probably in America only though?


I won’t watch this farcical sports thing, I just mean that once it’s premiered then it’ll be on the web everywhere.

Also @jontosh2001 can consider himself ‘Yellow carded’ for the use of ‘superb owl’ :wink:


You truly are the Jeff Triplette of the DiS boards, Theo