NFL Survivor 2023

Pick before the first game kicks off.

Pick a team that doesn’t win, lose a life. Do it twice and you’re out.

Can’t pick the same team more than once in the season.

Give your week 1 pick to enter

2021 - @f_j_gopop
2022 - @joe

Tagging people who took part last year


@joe also made a website for the results which is here

Washington Football Commanders, please.


Discobot will also be playing

First dice odd = afc, even = nfc
2nd 1-4 is NESW
3rd is the order teams finished in their division last season

@discobot roll 3d4

:game_die: 1, 3, 3

Discobot takes the Colts!

The crazy bastard

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@joe any idea if the sheet/site just ticks over into a new season, if not I’ll set it up manually

I’ll take Washington please

Ravens please

Vikings please.

Also dusted off my randomizer spreadsheet, and it has picked the Eagles.

Because I’m very late setting this up. Deadline is the kickoff of the early Sunday games FOR WEEK ONE ONLY

Also tagging @boxtoboxelder @NeilYoung @Severed799

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Eagles for me, please


Seahawks, please

Hey! Yes! Just had a quick look and I just had to re-enable the script that pulls the game results into the spreadsheet and that seems to have run just fine!

The website is now showing the current state rather than last years results though!

Also IN of course: Ravens

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Sound will get back to ya

Bears please

My sweet summer child