NFL Survivor 2023

Ravens please

Vikings please.

Also dusted off my randomizer spreadsheet, and it has picked the Eagles.

Because I’m very late setting this up. Deadline is the kickoff of the early Sunday games FOR WEEK ONE ONLY

Also tagging @boxtoboxelder @NeilYoung @Severed799

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Eagles for me, please


Seahawks, please

Hey! Yes! Just had a quick look and I just had to re-enable the script that pulls the game results into the spreadsheet and that seems to have run just fine!

The website is now showing the current state rather than last years results though!

Also IN of course: Ravens

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Sound will get back to ya

Bears please

My sweet summer child


Bengals plz

Vikings please.

Quite a few tempting teams to follow round this year. Cards, Colts, Baker Mayfield and his circus of pirates, Carolina, a Kupp-less LA. Really we should all go 18-0.

Texans must be absolutely gutted to not even get a mention here

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Raiders could also be very bad

Gave up listing after 5 teams, didn’t even get as far as the Texans. It’s going to be a tankathon this year. You can’t ALL have Caleb Williams lads, someone’s got to be in the playoffs as I understand it.

The Cardinals WR depth chart is almost Bears level bad. “Hollywood” Brown, Rondale Moore, Zach Pascal, something called Greg Dortch and a rookie who hasn’t played more than 6 games in a season since 2019.

The cardinals are on the most blatant tank I’ve ever seen in the nfl. Really incredible work. Having their pick, houston’s pick, and whatever they get for Kyler is going to be a great prize for stinking the league up though

Commandos please

Very funny that Caleb Williams is already making big noises about potentially staying in school and looking at all his options.

I do think that the new NIL money is going to have a big effect. Think it might become more and more common for top college players and their agents to pull an Eli.

Going to be interesting to see how the NFL manages it.