NFL Survivor 2023


I have faith in my man “Joshua Dobbs”

I’ll take the broncos this week please

@ghostly @Unlucky @f_j_gopop @NeilYoung @boxtoboxelder @badmanreturns

Think our replies just got missed (I went Giants), looks like it’s only @badmanreturns from that list

Oh shit, I’ll have a scroll

Spreadsheet is fully up to date

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Clearly the impact of seeing the Cardinals get picked


I had the Eagles above.

Yep I’ve sorted it sorry, missed the notifications for a few people

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Discobot the only week 2 casualty. Couple of tight ones but everyone else is alive. 9 players at 2-0. A lot of very easy looking picks this week, I’ll risk the TNF curse and take the 49ers

Ravens, please.

Ravens at home against either a rookie or backup QB is somehow only the 5th widest spread of the week

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I know, some tasty big hitters to leave for later on.

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Obviously the chiefs will be turned over by the resurgent bears of Chicago, so best to leave them for later

Randomiser lost a life too, a bad week for the machines.

Chiefs for me this week, Randomiser has chosen the Jaguars.

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Dolphins please

sigh Cowboys, please.

Cowboys as well please