NFL Survivor 2023

With this and fantasy it’s been a good nfl day for me so far. Just need the bears to win in arrowhead for the full house, simple

Looking like this could go to the wire

How is there still 7 minutes left. Might genuinely score 80

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Usually shut it down over about 50 since running up the score is frowned on. Guess they just can’t help themselves.

Not piling on points in a professional sport, especially in a league that has parity baked into the rules, is fucking pathetic imo


I need to stop picking against the Cards, they are not the pushovers that were promised.

They’ll wriggle themselves out of this lead, dw

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Keep the faith, have they let you down so far?

No but they’re showing far too much backbone. Dobbs is actually a real guy.

Fuck The Cowboys, man

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Fucking useless twats, this is what I get trying to pick evil, should have done the more reliable thing of picking against Da Bears


The second I picked them I knew I’d made a massive mistake


@profk @svenrokk @The_Excession randomiser

Me, @hip_young_gunslinger and @ghostly the only 3-0 players

You got a link to the spreadsheet, Aggers? Was on an old phone,

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Lot of narrower spreads week 4. I’ll take the eagles of philadelphia

Seahawks please


Ridiculous, the Cardinals don’t even want to win. Everyone’s against me. What a world.

fuck it, Broncos please