Nfl survivor league 2022

Nfc South, 3rd place, discobot takes the Falcons

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Chiefs please

Also Chiefs please

Chiefs for me.

Randomiser has picked the Ravens.

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The Bears please. If I’m still in. Might not be for long now though!

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Gonna be bold since I’m 2-0 and pick the Cowboys.

It’s only week 3 settle down :grinning:

Be bold!!!

(Honestly think DeMarcus Lawrence will have that Giants O-line for breakfast)

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I’d like the bears please

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Shocked Cosmo Kramer GIF



Another bloodbath

Good news is we’ll be able to start another one in week 5


Excuse me, there appears to be something wrong with my football league

Panthers please

Randomiser has chosen the Vikings in week 4.

I think that if it comes to a Discobot - Randomiser final that we all agree to disband and enjoy other sports.


@discobot is roll 3d4