NFL survivor league

Pick before the first game kicks off.

Pick a team that doesn’t win, lose a life. Do it twice and you’re out.

Can’t pick the same team more than once in the season.

Give your week 1 pick to enter.

I’ll take the 49ers

Tampa. Really tough first week, don’t think there are any sure things.


Rams, please

The Bengals


9ers please

Broncos please.

Seem to remember @axis did one of these on the old boards and we were all out after week 3 and had to start again.

That’s why I’ve added a life. Hopefully one of us will make it to week 4

Statistically, if you split all teams in half and just tossed a coin, would you be in just as good a place as guessing each week?

Just made a randomiser in Excel (absolutely rushed off my feet here, since you asked) and it gave me the Panthers.

I like those odds. I say we let the Randomiser play each week. Mark it down, @Aggpass!

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  • The randomiser
  • Discobot dice
  • Why not both?

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Vikes please, Mr Aggers

Let’s find out discobots pick then.

First dice odd = afc, even = nfc
2nd 1-4 is NESW
3rd is the order teams finished in their division last season

@discobot roll 3d4

:game_die: 1, 2, 1

Discobot has picked the BILLS


Clearly feeling the pressure to make it past week 1 with all lives remaining.

Tagging some nfl folk who might want in @NeilYoung @acorn @profk @FKA_Adam_Jeffson @Matt_was_taken @f_j_gopop @spit-fire @kiyonemakibi @JoJoMarty