NFL WEEK 1 has finally arrived

A tumultuous offseason has come to a conclusion. The sport we all love and cherish is finally ready to kick off with Cowboys and Bucs on Thursday Night Football. Story lines abound. How is everyone feeling for their teams outlook? Anyone else extremely excited? Good

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Giants- Not expecting much out of this team this year once again to be honest. Horrible division so 7-8 wins might take it. A lot rests on the shoulders of Daniel Jones, if he’s a bust its a complete rebuild once again with him toast and Gettleman fired. Tight end already an issue to start week 1, looks like Evan Engram will be out, Kyle Rudolph who’s barely practiced might be the only TE on roster. Would love to see Saquan back to full health, but they will ease him in. Golladay who knows, barely practiced no offseason reps. However, really do like Patrick Graham at d coordinator and some key signings/offseason acquisitions should keep them in games. Defense line should be stellar, worried a bit about corners.

Broncos in town with Teddy Bridgewater in tow, interesting to see what he brings.

Think the Lions will be in line for the first pick and I’m totally okay with that.

Actually think they did all the right stuff with the roster (as sad as it was seeing Mulhbach go). It’s a complete youth movement, there’s no one in the secondary over 25. They’ve taken the philosophy that there’s no point paying mediocre journeymen to try and eke out an extra win or two (bye bye Breshaud Perriman!) and instead are just fielding rookies to see what they have.

This year is all about seeing how the coaching staff work and if any of the newbies have talent. I don’t think Goff will be any good, and I don’t think they think he will either. Best player available next year, the Clemson QB the year after. Super Bowl 2025.

looking forward to duking it out with the Panthers for third in the NFC South :expressionless:

I have no idea how Arthur Smith’s Falcons will do.

I feel like Matt Ryan’s going to get marmalised again, throw a whole bunch of INTs.

maybe the defense will be okay, who knows? I don’t think it will. Dean Pees will get the best out of the group, but… the group?

I just need to have a sense of humour and take what little I can, this season.

Calvin Ridley, Kyle Pitts, Russell Gage and Hayden Hurst are an excellent receiving corps, the RB committee is much better than last year, there is some talent on defense (especially at LB), and Matt can still throw dimes if protected.

but the trenches, man. oh no.

After their off season acquisitions, the Cardinals are all set for a run at Superbowl XLIX

Unfortunately, its 2021, and Malcolm Butler has just retired, and 3 of the best 10 rosters are in the same division. And we’re coached by Kliff Kingsbury

Would take 9-8 tbh

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Week 1 has ​some pretty tasty-looking matchups:

Dallas vs Tampa Bay
Arizona vs Tenessee
Pittsburgh vs Buffalo
Miami vs New England
Cleveland vs KC

It’s not impossible that Seattle-Indy, GB-NO, or Baltimore-LV are great games too, though recent circumstances tend to skew each game in one team’s favour.

Another “what’s the point of any of this” season in Cincinnati. Burrow’s return adds an air of legitimacy to proceedings and they’re officially stacked at receiver but the many, many gaps on the roster have mostly been plugged with cheap veterans on 1 year contracts or just ignored for some reason (if there’s a weaker positional group in the NFL than the Bengals linebackers I’d be surprised). Zac Taylor has still shown absolutely no aptitude for head coaching and would have been fired by any other team this off-season, but Mike Brown is far too stingy to pay off the remaining year of his contract. There are enough of the other bottom feeders (Jets, Jags, Lions) and teams that will fall over their own feet (Raiders, Chargers) on the schedule that they’ll eke out a few wins from sonewhere but anything above 4-13 would be a drastic overachievement. Then another high draft pick, any free agents who have a good season leaving because the Bengals won’t pay them and Joe Mixon signing to keep playing until 2053. Football!

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Also reckon there are going to be some impossibly ham-fisted “poignant” 9/11 tributes this weekend.

Looking forward to watching the Browns this year. Still some questions over Baker but having the post season last year has hopefully helped him mature/sort out the issues when he’s rushed in the pocket. Also having the same coach for a second season for the first time is gonna help. Stefanski has been great so far. Far less hyped than 2019 which is good - seems legitimate to hope for the conference final at least…but yeah browns is still browns.

Probably best time to play the Chiefs in the first week but I’m not gonna read too much into the result (unless they win then obv. Superbowl time!)


Who is winning then?

AFC East
  • bills
  • dolphins
  • pats
  • jets

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AFC west
  • broncos
  • chiefs
  • raiders
  • chargers

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AFC north
  • ravens
  • bengals
  • browns
  • steelers

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AFC south
  • texans
  • colts
  • jags
  • titans

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NFC East
  • cowboys
  • giants
  • eagles
  • washington

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NFC West
  • cards
  • rams
  • 49ers
  • seahawks

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NFC north
  • bears
  • lions
  • packers
  • vikings

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NFC south
  • falcons
  • panthers
  • saints
  • buccs

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Seahawks have strengthened their defence and apart from maybe at corner I think they have a really nice balance at the line, with pass rush ability and Adams and Wagner are obviously elite.

An offense comprising Russ, Carson, Metcalf and Lockett is the foundation of a Superb Owl winning team and I think if Dissly stays fit he could be a breakout star. Obviously there are questions still about the O line and that doesn’t make things easier when you’ve got a new offensive coordinator, but Duane Brown has ended his hold-in and so I think there’s a lot to be positive about if things click quickly.

Think most lists have us around 7-8th best team. Tough division means we have a long road to the SB but I think this is probably our best team in 3-4 years.

Let Russ cook

I’m worried that the Giants D-line will be worse without Tomlinson and we played some soft offences last season, so there is still something to prove.
O-line is my main concern. They need to help Jones.

Broncos @ Giants is massively primed for this. It’s the game that was played on MNF the night before the morning after. These things don’t happen by accident in the NFL.

Vikings D should be massively improved. D line should be very good. P Peters on at CB will be interesting, reports of him 10lbs lighter and looking good should help a solid but unspectacular group of CBs.

WR depth is paper thin after Thielen and Jefferson and no TE after Smiths season ending injury means one injury will derail the season. Hopefully Cook can stay healthy too.

Packers to win the North with the Vikings squeezing into the playoffs…hopefully.

Lions WRs:

Tyrell Williams
Quintez Cephus
Amon-Ra St Brown
Tom Kennedy
Khalif Raymond
Bobson Dugnutt
Trinity Benson
KhaDarel Hodge


I’ve struggled to follow it as closely as i’d like over the past couple of seasons but am going to try again this year.

Part of my problem is that i am a Chargers fan :frowning: From the San Diego days though and i’ve struggled to retain the love since the move. They are also diabolical which doesn’t help. Anyone who follows the league able to tell me if i can expect anything from this year!?

I can’t not follow them anymore as it feels to weird but i’m going to pick an exciting second team i think!

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Tom Brady is 44 now ffs

Chargers are on the cusp of great things, thanks to drafting Justin Herbert, who had one of the greatest rookie QB seasons of all time last year. If he can keep improving, if their skill players can stay healthy, and if their new head coach proves to be any cop, they should definitely be in the mix, and will almost certainly be fun to watch. Their biggest issue is being in the same division as the Chiefs, but there’s lots to be excited about.


Corey Linsley and Rashawn Slater are excellent additions to the O-Line too, could mean very big years for Herbert and Ekeler.