NFL Week 1 thread, in which we attempt to remember why we like this godforsaken league

Just 207 short days and 4 million miserable headlines after the Superbowl the NFL proper finally returns tonight with the Superbowl favourite Bills playing the defending champion Rams in Los Angeles. I neither like nor especially dislike either of these teams (although Josh Allen seems like the kind of person who owns a shitload of guns) so would most like to see the kind of game that goes some way to justifying the moral compromises I make in continuing to support this horrible enterprise and its staff of sex offenders, tax evaders and vax avoiders (cue 9-6 puntfest).

The rest of the weekend has lots instore for fans of #intrigue and #narrative, with the Bakerbowl in Carolina, Russ’s revenge against the the ghost of the Seahawks (if you really need to take revenge for being given exactly what you wanted) and 93 year old Joe Flacco starting against the Ravens. There are also some legit humdingers on the schedule in Chiefs v Cardinals, Raiders v Chargers and Packers v Vikings.

Predictions, betting, fantasy etc. chat all welcome. And to anyone coming in from the football thread to ask if we really need weekly threads: yes, we do. I will not hesitate to tap the sign.

  • I think my team will make a deep playoff run this year
  • I think my team might make the wildcard round
  • I think they might go 9-8 and could make the wildcard round with some luck
  • Somewhere in the double digit loss doldrums
  • Tell me more about this CJ Stroud character

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Cracking game to kick things off for us tonight. So nice to have that Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Friday morning game in 40 to look forward to again.

Going to attempt to avoid the result and watch the full, glorious ad-free replay when I get home tomorrow evening. Will mean not looking at the news at all tomorrow, which will probably be for the best all things considered.

Bills setting down quite the marker there

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They were so, so good, on both sides of the ball. Allen looked flat out unstoppable and they constantly got after Stafford.

The only thing I don’t understand is their insistence in not making Singletary their feature back. They did for four games at the end of last season and he was brilliant. 400 all purpose yards and 5 touchdowns. Last night he ran 8 times for 48 and caught two passes, while Moss and Cook ran 7 times for 17 yards and 2 fumbles between them. It’s been like this for three years now.

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I thought the Bills biggest weakness was meant to be their offensive line, but they totally shut down the Rams vaunted defense.

It’s also some dark irony that after they shitcanned the most promising punting prospect in history they didn’t actually punt the entire game.

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Why do nfl put the final scores on the youtube highlights preview? Well annoying

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Bills looked as promised, which is exciting. Diggs and Davis are a lethal pair. Singletary was dancing through the lines. And Allen’s stiff arm? Woof.

The Rams looked lost. They desperately need a strong WR2.

Just remembered they have Allen Robinson lol. Did he even get a catch?

One. Targeted twice. Also Cam Akers had three runs for zero yards. Basically it was Kupp or bust, which tbf is pretty effective in its own right but you need to be able to do SOMETHING else against the likes of the Bills.

worth using the gamepass app for this as they don’t reveal the scores/you can download the highlights to watch offline

Wouldnt that need a gamepass subscription?

hmm maybe… thought highlights would just be free (rather than game in 40 for example) but i might be wrong - maybe try the normal NFL app instead? might have to dodge some headlines there though…

I usually just try to navigate youtube with my hand over a bit of the screen



Watched first half last night. Stafford looked out of sorts to say the least. 1st INT was ugly. No down field threats even without Tra’Davious White back there for bills.

Wonder how much offseason elbow surgery still affecting him. Game plan looked extremely limited.

Josh Allen is fun to own in fantasy eh?

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Surely a high split between Henderson and Akers this season. Expect it to be RBBC.

Reckon they’ll bounce back next week given it being the falcons. Robinson has to see more of the ball.

@boxtoboxelder did you switch your affiliation from the Bears this year? :smile: