NFL Week 1 thread

Football’s back, with the Eagles beating the Falcons 18-12 on opening night. Evening highlights:

  • Philly Special x 2
  • Sarkisian taking Julio Jones out of the game when in the red zone and running it into an 11-man box
  • No one knows what a catch is, still.

They built a statue of foles and pederson talking about the play outside the stadium, so the eagles can gtfo now.

Your weekend’s action:

Sunday (6pm)

Bills @ Bengals

Jags @ Giants

Bucs @ Saints

Texans @ Patriots

49ers @ Vikings

Titans @ Dolphins

Bengals @ Colts

Steelers @ Browns


Chiefs @ Chargers


Seahawks @ Panthers

Redskins @ Cardinals

Monday (1.20am)

Bears @ Packers

Tuesday (12.10am)

Jets @ Lions


Rams @ Raiders


This is the better thread so I nuked mine.

Football football football!

Should have kept yours man! First poster wins out. Them are the rules I made up.

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Watching the first half, it mainly looked like his receivers letting him down (Julio aside).

It was a pretty shoddy game IMO. A lot of drops, everyone looked very rusty. Ryan had about five downs to throw a TD from ten yards out and win the game, at no point did he give you any faith that he could do it.

Also the never ending flags. Bleurgh.


Aside from the two BBC shows (Friday and Tuesday?) what’s else is on British TV in terms of previews/highlights programmes? Preferably British ones.

I’ve got all the Sky Sports and BT Sport channels (including ESPN, but…). Is there anything else? Is there anything on the radio?

For live games is it just the one/two live Sunday evening fixtures on Sky, and then the UK fixtures on the BBC, and everything else is PPV via the gamepass things?

bt sport used to have college games on over the weekend, not sure if that’s still the case

Ahem, Bills against the Ravens, not Bengals, obvs.

Either way gonna be a shitfest.

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I’ve only seen the highlights but looked like Ryan sailed a ton of passes, in the second half especially. He got absolutely creamed by (I think) Fletcher Cox, have seen a bunch of tweets suggesting that either caused or aggravated some kind of injury. Jones had absolutely no chance on the final play, most receivers in the league aren’t even getting a hand on that ball.


Always forget how amateurish the first couple of rounds of the season are, til everyone remembers how to play again.


How frequent are snow games in the NFL and why do they not postpone them?

That Bills/Colts game last year was great fun. All the moreso because i was high as a kite on painkillers and don’t understand the rules.

Pretty much guaranteed a few with snow around in places up north (buffalo, Chicago, Green Bay etc), but not many a season where you actually get significant snow settling on the pitch.

Not super often because lots of teams play indoors nowadays. But there’s usually a couple a year. They do occasionally get postponed / moved (Bills / Jets once got moved to Detroit because it snowed so much in Buffalo people literally couldn’t travel to the stadium). If there aren’t actual safety issues though, why postpone them? Like you said, they’re a lot of fun, no different to having to deal with rain or something. If anything, they should postpone more hot-weather games, you see players on the sidelines being misted with big fans and stuff, must be awful wearing all that gear.

That “unnecessary weight on quarterback” rule is is an aberration. Unless defenders are expected to sack QBs while moving away from them it’s going to mean every other sack is flagged.


Snow games are the absolute best. This is my favourite game I ever watched. Players literally disappeared.


Think the Lions are the only team that plays indoors somewhere it snows regularly aren’t they? Lambeau, Lincoln Financial Field, Soldier Field and the Ralph are all outside. Oh, and the Vikings’ bird-slaying stadium has a roof now.

Calling timeouts so your offensive line can go trample down the snow so your kicker has a better run up :ok_hand:

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