NFL Week 1



New season, new board, new… no, just those two. Plenty to be going on with really.

Week 1 kicks off tomorrow night with a replay of the Superbowl. Denver won despite fielding a cardboard cutout of Peyton Manning, so they’ll probably be fine with… checks previews … Trevor Simian? So some sort of trained monkey, ought to be good.

I’d look at some other games too, but I think I’ll just get this going and see what happens first.


Fantasy draft tonight, hope it goes better than my first one last Sunday. Thought I’d picked up Cam in the second round so ended up picking 3 WRs with my first three picks :confused:


Take it to the non-existent fantasy thread mate.

3 WRs in the first three rounds is the fashionable way to do things these days. I’m still stuck in my RB-early ways, personally. Can’t wait for RedZone on a Sunday night again for fantasy goodness.


That’s my gag! From the forthcoming Roughing the Passer column on brusma’s blog.

Where is brusma?


It is a very fine gag, I’m sure everyone will enjoy seeing it again.

brusma (or at the very least someone using the brusma username) is knocking about somewhere.


So, opening day is finally here! Let’s all get billy big bollocks and make a prediction for tonight’s game:

I think it will be a cagey, slightly ropy game, both defences will be good, so low scoring, but ultimately Cam is the much better QB and he’ll clinch a win.

Panthers 17 - 14 Broncos


Untried round 7 QB against the Panthers D - I fancy there could be problems for the monkey-man. As they always say, revenge is a dish that doesn’t get rid of the taste of Superbowl defeat but in all other respects is… a very good dish in the circumstances. Panthers 27 - Broncos 10


Off work so I’ll be staying up for it. Panthers blowout, bed at halftime


Absolutely no way I’m staying up for it, but Panthers to win by at least 7… I’m thinking 21-9 or something.

(a LOT of Winston love from Rosenthal on ATN today, incidentally)


Going full homer and backing the broncos to win wooooooo :racehorse:

  • staying up for it
  • nah fuck off mate

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what time is it on? where can I watch it online without having to :dollar:


Tebow signs with New York! Sort of! Some practice team for the Mets. What an absolute circus that man is, he hasn’t started a game in the NFL since 2012 and he’s still news somehow. Even made the BBC Sport website.


Have we all seen that Jon Dorenbos (the Eagles long snapper for all you part timers) is into the final of America’s Got Talent as a magician/bro Derren Brown? What other good extra-curricular (and non-criminal) pastimes are there? So far I’ve got:

Malcolm Mitchell (WR, Patriots) - Children’s author
Jon Urschel (C, Ravens) - Maths guy
Chris Conley (WR, Chiefs) - Star Wars fanfilm maker (and here it is)
Gary Barnidge (King of Universe, Cleveland) - Film blogger (sadly not updated for a while)


Not quite a full-time other pursuit, but I feel like DeAndre Levy’s essay went very under the radar, and I’ll be very interested to see what he does when he leaves football:


Doesn’t start till 1.30am, will be on any site you find via searching “sports streaming” or similar.

#17 is really reliable for US sport streams (I’ll be up if you wanna livechat the fuck out of it)


ooh thx!

I won’t be able to watch the whole thing because I have to be up earlyish, but first quarter at least…


What’s the survivor league name/password