NFL Week 10: Fake Spike edition

We need to go monthly with these threads imo, thoughts?

Anyone got a video of the fake spike?

Bengals have returned to their early season futility mode, tough watch so far (although tbf the Texans actually look quite good).

Sounds like Watson’s having another utter stinker for the Browns, really hate to see it.

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Was thinking about this. Do you think he just really enjoyed the time off during his suspension and now he can’t be arsed with working for a living? He’s got more money than he’s ever going to need and he’s been acting weirdly with this injury thing, like he doesn’t actually want to get back to it.

PJ Walker - Hail Mary specialist

I hope so because it would mean i wouldn’t have to look at/think about him.

But i want him to be really unhappy so hope for some reason he has to play for the rest of his life and Elijah Moore is the only reciever open for the rest of time.

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Ravens chucking a game and myself in survivor due to picking the Bengals is it

Absolute disaster interception from Burrow, three different Texans could have picked that off. Should have thrown it away.

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It’s ok, they have it back, Oh god, Joe, that’s a shit throw

The Dallas Cowboys repping the Netherlands with their headgear.

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I’ve been convinced that Tommy Devito has been in the league for a few years, so I’m confused by this rookie talk. Turns out I’ve been confusing him with another perennially doomed, practice squad level talent by the name of Ben DiNucci.

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Seriously, is anyone actually any good this year

Aw that’s nice for Murray

Even by Buffalo’s standards that was a phenomenal piece of self-sabotage.

12 men to give them a second chance at the FG was the absolutely perfect way to end to that sloppy mess.

I do feel sorry for running backs. Cook got benched for about 20 minutes of game time for his fumble. Gabe Davis dropped a pass and tipped it to a defender, straight back out there. Josh Allen literally drops a handoff, barely even a word in his ear. Everyone seems to count the RB fumble as the worst crime, mostly it’s barely even their fault.

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Yeah, think it’s one of the things coaches like to do when they want to be seen as being proactive during the game. Always feels like a bit of a cop-out because it’s not really a replacement for, say, sweating details like making sure you have the right amount of people on the field for special teams plays, or making sure your DBs don’t molest the receivers they’re covering on crucial 3rd downs, or trying to do something to arrest the decline of your formerly MVP-calibre quarterback who seems to be regressing with every single play. But it’s something at least.


Did seem to work as James Cook ran like a demon after that (no way to tell if he’d have done that during his 20 min benching, though)

*also, Latavius Murray’s dad was blasting through Denver gaps so…

Deshaun Watson done for the year apparently, same on-off shoulder injury that he’s had all season. Something very odd going on there.

Fully guaranteed contract for a guy that has an axe to grind with the NFL.

You hate to see it

Thinking Scheming GIF

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Yeah, honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we never see him again. Which would be exceptionally funny.