NFL Week 10 🏈 - The Houston Texans' Ownership are dickweeds

For fuck’s sake. Meaning of “cultural differences” still up for question but people are making the connection of her showing support for Biden/Harris on social media

Mason McHorse!


Deeply unappealing slate of 6pms on Sunday. Wish they could move Colts v Titans from tonight and swap in Lions v WFT or Giants v Eagles.

Texans v Browns not doing it for you?

Last time I expected the Browns to be involved in a high-scorer was that wind ravaged 16-6 borefest against the Raiders. They’ve lost all benefit of the doubt.

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Hmm, you’re right. Maybe I’ll watch the masters after all.

He’s the Todd Bonzales of Generation Z!

Oh that explains a lot. I was wondering why there were a lot more late games this Sunday.

the most entertaining franchise in football is on a bye week

(“Kansas City?”)
(“oh, the Jets! of course.”)

Think he’ll play any of his naughty ones?

Big win for Indy there last night. Potentially massive implications for the most storied division in the league

Is he that big?

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Titans special teams were comically inept, after their D got a goal line stop they followed it up with a quick 3 and out and an EIGHTEEN yard punt.

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The third time I’m sharing this, but this week Defector wrote about Maverick McIvor’s dad who could supposedly throw it goal line to goal line, and it’s an excellent read

Does make me think that at the Pro Bowl or something they should just get the QBs to throw it as far as they can for bants

Next on my Defector “to read” list. If you haven’t read it already Chris Thompson’s piece on the Magna Carta is great too.

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Take it to the filth thread, pal

Lot of the Browns O-line should be back this week - think we’ll see decent points from them

never knowingly heard the weeknd

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You know that song that’s everywhere with the 80s synth melody that sounds a bit like Aha (you do, trust me) - that’s him.

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you’re probably right, but it doesn’t ring any bells.

Have just remembered he’s in uncut gems though, so I guess I heard him in that.