NFL Week 10


look… I hate the Steelers too.

but as a supporter of a divisional rival of the suddenly much-vaunted Panthers, OOFT. five TDs thrown and a perfect passer rating? torched.

quite a scary team this season, the Steelers. that week 16 showdown against the Saints is going to be very interesting.


just watched the highlights of the Falcons Steelers game from earlier in the season. ouch. I’d just chosen to ignore that one because… ouch.

is there any more hateful sight in football than Roethlisberger scrambling for a first down? gonna have to comfort myself by searching for videos of him getting painfully sacked.


Good that Fitzmagic threw a couple of TDs last week even though the Bucks in general arent the best. He’s great value, and is obviously the best QB option they have.


Game was so boring


:kissing: :ok_hand:


ooft. couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, though.


intriguing game, this Falcons Browns contest at the weekend. Browns D have the most takeaways of any team, I hear?


also just realised Falcons picked up Bruce Irvin, which is pretty cool. pass rush looked okay against Washington, but he adds a new dimension.


Weird that the bears are good


The bills are such a weird team


Really weird (Bears and Bills).


The Bengals defense is astonishingly bad.


Comfortably beat the vikings then lost by 22, 32, 21 and 32. Now 24-0 up


31-0 up


Is Matt Barkley elite


Remember when he was ‘a better prospect than Andrew luck’


Bills, Bears, Bengals


good lord, though. 35 at half time. didn’t think the Bengals were that bad.


Bengals may have been bad but this is a Superbowl calibre team they are playing.

Having said that, dgaf as our new QB chucks TDs to our left tackle :smiley:


Baker Mayfield has a perfect passer rating

*did, sorry. but Browns are winning by 11. ffs.

their offensive and defensive lines are both very solid, though