NFL: Week 10


Ravens :smiley: Brown’s :smiley: Thursday Night! :smiley:

Who the hell scheduled that shower o’ shite. Ravens win, but like most of the elite these days, Flacco is facing a backlash. Top of the AFC North, but will face many sterner tests.

Some intriguing matchups this week. NO v Denver looks like the bigger, with the unstoppable force v the immovable object. Drew Brees at home is a big difference though, and I think Denver are actually the 'dogs for this game according to the bookies. Think this will be a big scorer.

Chiefs v Panthers. Justin Houston is back for KC just in time for the game against the NFL’s leading pinata. Cam will get hit, and it will hurt. Chiefs win for me, Clive.

LA Rams v Jets. And you thought Ravens/Browns was bad. This is going to be the most awful game of football ever played. I’d back a DB to get the most receiving yards in this game. Case v Fitz. Urgh, horrible.

Seahawks v New England. One can hope a black hole swallows up Foxborough to eliminate these awful, awful teams for good, but alas no. If a Seahawks D can get wasted by Tygod and his one WR, however, I would be very optimistic if I was a NE fan. Which I’m not, because I’m a human.

Houston v Jacksonville. And you thought Ravens/Browns and Rams/Jets were bad. Oh. My God. The $72million mistake vs the Bortles trainwreck. You can’t even bank on Bortles garbage time points. Because there won’t be a garbage time in this game. It will be all garbage. Garbage full. Peak garbage. Urgh.

Other games, AOB?


The Giants enter a three game stretch against the Bengals, Browns and Bears. All very winnable games, so I expect them to lose at least one of them.

Steelers v Cowboys could be interesting


The Browns:

  • 0 - 16
  • They’ll get at least one win somewhere

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Reckon they’ll sneak one somewhere. Would guess either the Bills or Chargers will have nothing to play for by the time those games roll around and just won’t turn up.


Browns were completely terrible last night.Who’d have thought? Kessler wasn’t exactly lighting it up, and threw loads into the crowd as soon as there was any pressure, but McCown’s line of 6 for 13, 59 yards and 2 picks was the stuff of nightmares.

Flacco wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great. Made one really bad choice a the end of the first half, with 30 seconds and no timeouts at the 25 yard line-ish, had three chances to try and find a receiver in the end zone but threw a checkdown on 1st down that went for about 4 yards. Cue spiking the ball in a hurry to make sure they could kick a field goal. The sort of thing you would expect a top drawer passer to think through better.


Fun fact I just learned from Deadspin:

The last QB to win a game for the Browns?

Johnny Fucking Football.


Off to Budapest for a few days, so won’t watch anything besides the Bears game on catch up on Monday morning (hotel wifi allowing). Hoping that the return of Sitton, Long and Goldman can go with a bit of feel good following the Vikings game, and Tampa are still pretty beat up, even if Martin plays. But equally capable of shitting the bed whilst Mike Evans goes crazy. No Lovie Bowl this year though :’(

Atlanta Philly could be interesting though, if the Eagles D-line is on it’s game it can throw anyone off. They’re really missing Lane Johnson from what I’ve seen though.


I think that’s it though, he is a top level passer who is prone to stupid decisions


Nice to see jay cutler’s back


Because he’s flat on the ground all the time?


sometime’s he’s upright throwing the ball to the people wearing white shirts


Trump fan so he deserves every humiliation




every fantasy expert that told me to drop ryan mathews can lick my sack


The most saints thing ever


Ffs Atlanta


Hell of a drive from the steelers


Hell of a drive to finish it from the cowboys


I really hope Zeke isn’t actually a massive cunt :slightly_frowning_face:


Incredible match between my two most hated teams (that aren’t called the patriots)