NFL Week 11 🏈 - The Gummy Man Returns 😱

Fuck’s sake. RIP Mike White era Jets.

Not much that can be said about TNF. No real interesting history or narratives between the two teams.

  • Falcons
  • Patriots

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The Patriots looked brilliant against the Browns last week, so much better in every phase of the game.

But it’s 2021 and they’re an AFC team, so a double digit loss to the Falcons is probably the most likely outcome.

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Really enjoyed this look at how many teams have had multiple QBs throw four INT games in the same season (mostly for the fact that the Baltimore Colts had two different QBs throw four picks in the same GAME).

It’s amazing that Matthew Stafford is silent on social media (doesn’t even have accounts), but Kelly Stafford is an absolute addict and frequently getting into trouble. Tbf they seem to do a lot of charity stuff as well but for every act of philanthropy there’s also something that’s just like… please delete your account, for your own sake as much anything.

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What possible reason can the Jets have for starting Flacco at this point? He might (MIGHT) give them a 10% better chance of winning a one off game, so what? They are 2-7 and have just set a franchise record for most points conceded in a four game stretch. They learn nothing about anyone, he’ll check down to Carter about 35 times and they’ll punt a lot. Might as well stick with White and see if there’s anything there. He’s almost certainly terrible but it’s still a better plan.

I guess that the logic, not saying I agree with it, is.

There are lots of teams who need to get more offensive weapons around their young QBs in the off-season. Most of that is going to be free agency. You want to show potential free agents that you aren’t a complete basket case of an organisation. Flacco is more likely to keep games respectable and show some signs of a functioning nfl offense than white.

Think I agree with that logic until the final point but I think there’s value in choosing the best qb to win/compete in games right now when your ‘future long term starter’ is injured.

Well I get that logic, but I still don’t think it works. Which free agents have short enough memories that they forget the season (millennium?) to date and are turned around by a couple of mediocre at best flacco games? Actually THAT’S the team I’m joining, now I’ve seen Joe throw for 180 yards on 45 attempts.

Or on the other side, who’s currently thinking of going there and seeing Mike White for a couple more games is going to make it unpalatable? If he’s not going to be the QB why would they care?

Better to give your potential long term backup some game time, or maybe even make him some trade bait. I really think you lose nothing.

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The other option is that he stinks the place out and higher management decides that the current regime is QB poison and decides to move on. At least with Flacco they have plausible deniability because he was good once. If he sucks now there are a whole host of other people they can blame.

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Enjoyed this thread

Can’t imagine even AB doing this, but if it was going to be anyone…

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Josh Rosen should come on at the end of every NFL game to throw a pick. Regardless of the score. Regardless of whether his team is playing


Falcons conceding 25 unanswered points to the Pats, is it


Was wondering why the stadium was so empty for a team one win away from .500 and still technically alive in the playoff race, but now I understand. Atlanta looked utterly abject. What a disgrace.

TNF has largely been pretty fun this year but I was watching the 40 minute version and wanting to claw out my eyes by the end of it. Rog should really be fining the Falcons for that effort.

I was struggling to finish the 10 minute YouTube highlights


Was annoyingly still a two-score game until about the last 5 minutes. Would have preferred it to be 21-0 at halftime and I could have turned it off