NFL Week 11 thread: Joyful participation in the suffering of Aaron Rodgers

If you haven’t at least watched the 40 minute replay of the Packers being dismantled by the Titans I’d strongly recommend doing so. Watching Rodgers get booed for overthrowing people like Allen Lazard and Robert Tonyan is primo-schadenfreude. The playoffs are starting to look like a reach the Packers and Rodgers and his albatross of a contract, really hate to see it.

Currently watching Jets v Patriots where they only have one functioning camera, then like all the true fans I’ll be eschewing Vikings v Cowboys in favour of Steelers v Bengals. Elsewhere the Commanders and Texans are playing the least appealing looking game on the schedule and the Browns and Bills are playing in Detroit because Buffalo is under about 6 feet of snow.

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Cant get any streams working ob my dads old laptop. Am off tomorrow so hoefully be abel to catch some action later after bro goes to bed

Are teams starting to figure out Josh Allen and this Bills offense? Pretty lackluster 3-4 weeks now.

Read the other day that they haven’t scored a second half TD since week 6 at Kansas City which is a bit nuts.

Horrendous first half for the Giants.

Obviously not MVP because Mahomes has it sewn up already imo and the team aren’t going to make the playoffs, but reckon Fields is putting himself in with a shout for OPOY

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I got called out to a break in (standby = time and a half!) so I’m sat in my van gettin paid to watch sports. Just need a beer and I’d be set.

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I’m sure the weather’s playing a part but there are some absolute stinkers today.

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I remember this Giants team.

Don’t worry, it’s the Lions, a rousing Giants comeback is definitely on the cards.

From my father-in-law:


Not an offense built to score in a hurry. This could get ugly.


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Can’t think of a more pathetic superbowl defense than this years rams


I was delighted Stafford got his Super Bowl, and even more delighted they now stink and we have their first rounder awaiting us.


are the Eagles bad now?

I haven’t been paying attention, this isn’t entirely serious

They were good on Monday but on the wrong end of loads of weird random plays and bits of luck.

Seem to have been a bit shit today though

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I deserve a medal for sitting through all of Jets v Patriots despite not supporting either team. Honestly the worst game I’ve ever seen.


Zach Wilson is shit


Wooft aye only just survived that

Bahahhaha that’s the most Jets thing to ever happen (this season)

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