NFL Week 11 thread: Joyful participation in the suffering of Aaron Rodgers

Should’ve just stuck with the grizzled vet tactic.

2022 equivalents of Fitz and McCown would have this roster in the post-season.

Thinking about it, not sure who those equivalents are?

If we’re looking at older guys, I guess it’s Dalton, maybe Bridgewater? Wentz has a pretty good chance to be Fitz, come in to fling a few passes about, win some games you should lose, lose some games you should win, play some astonishing football then throw four picks in a half, grow ludicrous beard, move on.

Zach benched, Mike White is BACK, baby.

Someone will obviously have a go at a salvage job next year but reckon there’s a decent chance he’ll go from number 2 pick to not on a roster for year 4.

Which would be pretty incredible for someone with no major off field/injury issues

It’s right up there with Josh Rosen (10th overall, signed to 6 different teams in four years, currently a free agent) in terms of highly picked QB disasters.

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Nice of the jets to take the heat off our Mitchell trubisky pick by taking 2 worse QBs at 2 overall since


What the Jets would do to have Handsome Mitch T right now!

Have seen him referred to as Mormon Manziel, which feels quite apt.

our qb choices really don’t stack up at all against the rest of douglas’s choices, it’s baffling/maddening. as has been said above i am genuinely crossing everything for a vet like carr now, we just need someone to steady the ship for the time being and we could really go somewhere.

It’s obviously “Bench your underperofrming QB” week, because Davis Mills is also going to have a nice sit down this week.

Probably the best slate of games I can remember on a Thanksgiving day in quite some time.

Wrong thread fuck.

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