NFL Week 11 thread - the Giants have a bye week, rejoice!

Byes: Packers, Giants, Seahawks, Titans

Thursday night:
Steelers at Browns

Sunday 6pm:
Falcons at Panthers
Cowboys at Lions
Jaguars at Colts
Bills at Dolphins
Texans at Ravens
Broncos at Vikings
Jets at Washington
Saints at Buccaneers

Sunday 9/9.25pm:
Cardinals at 49ers
Bengals at Raiders
Patriots at Eagles

Sunday night:
Bears at Rams

Monday night:
Chiefs at Chargers

But weird this whole individual combine for Kaep thing, isn’t it.

The goff - trubisky shootout on Monday night should be a thriller. Records to go tumbling surely

I think I have to echo Eric Reid’s sentiments in that it’s a PR stunt. Is there anything coming up regarding Kaepernick or something that would make the NFL look bad, as the timing is a bit odd, as the collusion grievance was settled back in February?

Definitely feels like a stunt, and puts him in a real bind - he shows up, they say they gave him a fair chance, he declines because it’s a circus, well he clearly doesn’t want the opportunity.

No idea why they’re doing it now.

bizarre innit

You’re spot on there. I wonder if something like this was in settlement that the NFL had to provide a proper opportunity for him to be signed or show his ability. Don’t know if it gives the teams much time to go

You shouldn’t try to stave in another player’s skull with his own helmet. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Miles Garrett again this year, other than various forms of televised apology.


Game was absolute shit, too.

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Fuck, I usually don’t look up the Thursday game because I watch the first half on the way to work and the second on the way home, but I just the end… what the hell was he playing at?

I can sort of understand it - he did a bit of tit for tat with the helmet pulling, and then the red mist came down for a couple of seconds while he happened to have the helmet in his hand, but that’s not going to excuse it. If something like that (swinging any heavy object rather than a helmet) happened outside of a stadium he would be in real trouble.

Absolutely absurd and it should be a record punishment from the nfl, monetarily most importantly.

Could this go to the Police? It’s not like a normal scuffle/fight in an NFL game

Only just caught up on it. Jeez, he completely and utterly loses it. Pretty scary stuff. I know there was some punches and kicks thrown but think the teams did pretty well all things considered.

What I know about the US legal system can be written on a crisp packet, but it does remind me of when Duncan Ferguson was jailed for headbutting an opponent. This would be some sort of assault anywhere else, but I’ve not seen anything even hinting at police action so far. At some point there has to be a limit to what you can get away with on a field and escape with just NFL punishment though.

It’s not exactly in the league’s interests to have police involved in this stuff, so I’d expect they’ll do all they can to avoid it.

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Think I’d rather be hit in the head with a helmet by Myles Garrett than have Ndamakong Suh stamp on my nads in cleats


yeah this^

  • Myles Garrett whacks you in the head with a helmet
  • Ndamukong Suh stamps on your nads in cleats

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Yes I would… if I only could… I surely would.