NFL Week 11 thread

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Bears - Vikings is absolutely massive. Rams - Chieves should be great fun, shame we can’t watch it live

The Lamar Jackson era is getting a preview tonight, really hope he absolutely kills it. Stuck him in my fantasy teams and my DFS ones. First quarter concussion here we come.

The Browns are 100% in the Tyson zone

Robert Griffin is one of those QBs in the Brock Osweiler/Ryan Fitzpatrick/Josh McCown bracket. If he is on your roster he WILL end up playing, no matter how you try to prevent it.

On the subject of unkillable QBs

6pm live game looks dull and can’t really stay awake for any later ones…

Throw a ball repeatedly to someone wearing a different coloured shirt to you, so you don’t miss them too much?


This week was where I finally chucked in the towel and bought Gamepass. After last week’s Saints/Bengals debacle I don’t trust Sky to pick watchable games any more.

Big Ben currently sitting on a 0.0 passer rating - take that you creepy prick


Amazing tackle by Julio that, the speed at which he made that decision!

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Alex Smith’s injury is horrific.

Bloody love it when someone nobody has ever heard of has a big game deep into a season. Pretty sure gus edwards’ parents had to Google him to find out who he is

The lead has changed hands in the Washington game, first time that’s happened in a Washington game this season.


Reckon I could have a 100 yard rushing game against these Bengals linebackers.

It’s rare that the size of an NFL player surprises me but Michael Pierce must be as wide as he is tall.

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Started crowing too soon. Never discount Big Ben and the forces of evil!

Two wins in a row for the Giants - let the good times roll.

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Did you see the Hail Bortles attempt at the end? God it was tragic.


Would really love one more Brees/Payton super bowl win tbh, wonder if brees would retire (Payton to Browns?)

How did the Chargers fuck that one up

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