NFL Week 11

Now I’ve accidentally ruined the replay of Cardinals v Seahawks for myself by foolishly checking BBC Sport I feel like we can start this thread.

Snapping is much worse this year, isn’t it? I watched most of 4 games last week and the snapping was pretty terrible in all of them. There were a couple of replacements to blame but I watched all of Eagles v Giants (no, I don’t know why either) and current all-pro and 3 time Pro Bowl centre Jason Kelce was consistently skimming the ball into Carson Wentz’s shins. What gives? Covid? If so why aren’t the other specialists all terrible as well? Even the long snapping has been mostly fine and that looks much harder than normal snapping.

There are some games this week too but the snapping is the main thing I want to talk about.



!!! Halt the snapper bullshit.


I feel like this is probably exactly what all snappers want us to do, and that we shouldn’t give them the attention

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This is fantastic news! Kind of hope he blunders around well enough to keep a fuming Jameis on the bench but would also accept him absolutely sucking and making Sean Payton look really fucking stupid in the process.


not sure whether this is better or worse than Brees for my boys

I’m not going to say, as it’s obvs a Schrödinger’s QB situation (except in both scenarios, my team dies)

Matt Skura got actual death threats for being bad at snapping against the Patriots, so I think they’d rather they didn’t get any attention at all.

I would also accept Taysom Hill sucking

I would also also accept Jameis coming on and throwing some INTs for the crowd

fuck! @profk m8, that’s not okay

snappers need their own union to protect them from this sort of thing, obvs

Skura is the Ravens snapper apparently.

I think I just automatically assume it’s Pats fans doing the horrible thing

even though @Steved said “against the Patriots”

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ooo, my gamble to bring him in in fantasy might just pay off… (queue -3.45 points and a benching in the second quarter)


Lad coming into the draft next year called Chuba Hubbard. Might be my new all time favourite


That is until Smoke Monday from Auburn gets the call up. :joy:


Don’t sleep on Jo’quavious Marks, and Equanimeous St Brown has a little brother called Amon-Ra, which is strong.

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It’s nominative determinism at this point

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Also, no ones beating Mason McHorse

Think I’m preferring watching college to the nfl this year. Something slightly on the edge of shambolic about it and the pace of the play is much higher. Would love this pace in the pros

For watching an individual game. Redzone is obvs still great