NFL Week 11

That could be catch of the season so far by Lamb




(Ref is ok after a quick checkup)


Oof that was a hit on Cook

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Good week for NFL man-baby head coaches being petty

If Burrow misses the rest of the season Justin Herbert must be a shoo-in for ORoY.

That Thielen catch! :hushed::hushed:

aw Roddy

suspicious betting activity from this colts line

Chase Claypool may want a word.

A day isn’t entirely wasted when the Packers and Vikings both lose

Stupid Vikings :frowning:

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Looking at their schedule I thought this might be the game where the Jets avoid the ignominy of 0-16, but despite the Chargers’ best efforts (and they really did try) even they couldn’t throw away that lead.

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The Jets would’ve beaten the Lions last night.

Feel sorry for the Fox broadcasters trying to sell this team on Thanksgiving.

Any pity I have for anyone involved with Fox broadcasting has usually dissipated by the 30th time I’ve seen the ad for The Masked Singer.


I see they have a Masked Dancer now as well

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And I Can Hear Your Voice! The Ken Jeong media juggernaut is something to behold.


A date with the Houston Texans defense is usually a good cure for most teams.

Have taken the Thursday and Friday off to celebrate Thanksgiving with my wife. Cant wait until the Texans absolutely shit the bed on national television again :smiley:

What happens when a stoppable force means a movable object?

Don’t mean to out anti-bants you but the Lions are a shadow of a team right now. The Panthers are a bad D, and they held Detroit to zero points. They only had one attempt at a field goal! And the Lions D let an XFL QB win a game, despite him throwing two easy picks in the endzone.

Houston only need Watson and Fuller to have a solid day, while Watt and Merciless to their thing, to make this over halfway through the third quarter.