NFL Week 12, in which we're thankful for things I guess

Lots of good 6pms. Bucs v Colts probably the pick of the bunch but I can’t watch the Colts on that hideous pitch so I’ve gone with Steelers v Bengals. Elsewhere Titans v Pats looks tasty, as does Packers v Rams later.

DELICIOUS interception from Roethlisberger.


The old Cordarelle Patterson year 9 breakout season still going strong for some reason.

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Very much enjoyed one of Cam’s linemen picking him up and hurling him over the goalline.

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Sheer joy of watching Pittsburgh have their pants pulled down dampened by Joe Mixon TD :frowning:

Caved and bought the white Joe Burrow jersey (cue season ending injury and off-season trade).

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Go Eagles! :eagle:

Big Ben with the pick 6, so very, very sad.


Oh fuck yes!

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On one hand I don’t really enjoy blowouts, but on the other watching TJ Watt wrestle Burrow to the ground for no reason at all reminded me how much I hate the Steelers.

Hilton’s been bouncing around all over the sideline all game, think he’s fairly hyped after being unceremoniously chucked overboard by the Steelers. Think he’ll be happy with that.

Are the colts… Good?

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Dolphins with a bad snap in fg range, recover and ran to Panthers within fg range with 1 sec left :frowning:

Mac Jones with the first down sign after a run on third down. Just the 5 yards short Mac.

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Oh yeah sure now we do a new thread smh :roll_eyes:

I might put £10 down on the Dolphins winning the Super Bowl.

Fire up the abysmal tackling alarm, the Titans have pushed in all the stops


Having watched pretty much every dolphina game, don’t think there’'s any chance of that

Alternatively, the Pats at 14-1 looks pretty tasty

I’ve never actually bet once in my life

Ben Roethlisberger has 24 pass attempts and is currently on precisely 0 fantasy points

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